Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back from Blogger Limbo

For those of you may have been wondering where I was since Thursday afternoon,I was in Blogger Limbo.

What that means is that this blog was targeted for its political views and reported as spam by its ideological enemies...which meant that Google,without any prior notice to me and without actually having a human being take about a minute and a half to actually look at the site and realize that this was bogus simply blocked me from making any posts,until yours truly requested a 'review'.

Had I not done so - say, if I was on vacation or at a location without internet access - the entire site would have been deleted by Google without further notice...all the posts,the archives, everything. Gone.

This is a worrisome trend on Blogger, and I'm by no means the only one this has happened to.

To Google's credit, once I requested a review the site was back by Saturday afternoon, but the fact that it happened at all based simply on my being targeted by a few Leftards has given me a great deal of food for thought.

I'm strongly considering leaving Blogger behind and switching to another'll be the first to know.

I would urge regular members of Joshua's Army to shoot me an e-mail at so that I can keep you posted as to future developments.

Rest assured, one way or another JoshuaPundit is NOT going away. @!## 'em. This isn't a dictatorship yet, and the beat goes on.

A special shout out to my pals at Bookworm Room,Rhymes With Right, Cheat Seeking Missiles, The Glittering Eye and last but not least Soccer Dad for their help, sympathy and support during this nonsense..a friend in need and all that, and I won't forget it...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

i'm so relieved.
we didn't have to look at that silly monkey boy all weekend..

Freedom Fighter said...

My thanks to both of you..