Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Housing Problem?

You have to know Obama is getting desperate to reach for this one.

Today, Senator McCain was surprised by an odd, off topic question in an interview about how many homes he and his wife own, and was honest enough to admit he wasn't sure.Logical, if you think about it since he and his wife keep their finances separate.

The question was obviously intended as a setup, and the Obama campaign had an ad ready to roll:

Whomever had this bright idea obviously wasn't thinking too clearly. For one thing, the eight properties the McCains own are mostly used by members of their family and their children..and for the record, McCain himself does not own any of the properties... his wife does.

For another thing, people who live in glass houses had better be damn careful who they throw rocks at...especially since Obama has a much more serious housing problem he'd probably rather wasn't brought to light:

Whoopsie.And the ad didn't even mention the 'discounted' home loan Obama received.

As I predicted, McCain has finally realized he's in a street fight and has adapted. And so far, that's been pretty bad news for The Chosen One.


Roy Lofquist said...

Obama: "He doesn't know who he's tangling with". McCain is shaking in his boots.

GW said...

I just did a pretty long post on this. Obama is listening to those on the far left telling him to attack McCain. The problem for Obama is that any attack on McCain other than on policy difference either one, highlights a McCain strength, or two, invites a comparison between a small cut on McCain and a sucking chest wound on Obama.

Obama is desperate because of the polls. The best thing he could do would be to try to shore up his own weakness and wholly ignore McCain. But he is too paniced for that. What he is doing instead is just incredibly poor judgment.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi GW,
I actually think Obama and his surrogates ( MoveOn,Kos, Democratic Underground and the like) hav ebeen kicking McCain ever since McCain became the presumptive nominee, abetted by Obama's shills in the dinosaur media.

What's changed is that McCain is hitting back hard, especially when it comes to ridicule...which Obama absolutely can't handle in the least.

Originally, I actually think that back when McCain proposed the series of townhall meetings he seriously though that this would be an elevated campaign where the two of them could discuss the issues. Eventually he realized that Obama had no intention of running that kind of campaign, they were out to destroy him personally and that this was a war..and McCain certainly knows how to fight a war, so he reacted accordingly, shaking up his campaign and hiring Steve Schmidt to run things.

Another thing that kicked in, as McCain predicted back when he was down by 15 points and no one gave him a chance of winning was that people are becomming more familiar with Obama..or to paraphrase McCain, "I've been around for a long time and people know who I am and what I stand for. They're just begining to get to know Obama."

Indeed they are, and the ones who haven't entirely drunk the Kool-Ade don't like what they see.

Expect the Left and their megaphoines in the Media to pounce on anything they can before now and November, and to use the huge advantage they have in money to get every corpse, felon, illegal alien and homeless derelict to vote Democrat.I still think it will be a close election.

Never forget that Obama is part of the Chicago Machine, and they have a certain, umm...reputation in these matters.

All Best,

Anonymous said...

I find this very amazing. Obama has a huge money advantage, as such the public is deluged with ads praising all things Obama and cursing all things MCain. The main stream media is staunchly supporting Obama. As such, Obama gets a vast amount of free campaign advertising. To top this off the public is generally fed up with all things Republican.

In this environment, Obama should have a twenty or thirty point lead right now. The fact that the race is supposedly close is one of the more remarkable things I have ever observed in politics. Obama should have a big lead yet he supposedly does not. Why would this be so. I think one of two possibilites or some combianation of these two may explain it. 1.)While the voting public desparately wants change, they are not entirely comfortable with the change that Obama is promoting. In addition to this, McCain is running his campaign as a de facto independent and this helped to somewhat shield him from the back lash against Republicans. 2.) Obama actually has a big lead but the people who do the polling and their media surrogagtes are reporting tha the race is close. As long as people think the race is close, they will tune in to news analysis shows and they will pay attention to the talking heads whose job is supposedly to eduate us about all things political. If the public percieved a lopsided contest, they would lose interest in listening to such people. As long as people are watching and listening, they make more money than if the race is one sided. In other words, close political races are good for business. One sided races are bad for business. So tell the public the race is close. Keep 'em coming back for more "political analysis."

I think possibilbty number one is probably the closest to the truth but I would not dismiss possibilty number two out of hand. In any event, as Freedom Fighter points out, McCain actually seems to be fighting back. This is in contrast to President Bush who has never really tried to fight back against the Leftist smear machine. His efforts in thiss regard have been feeble, at best. So far at least, McCain seems to be doing much better in this area.

Anonymous said...

if the polling people are going to cook the books, why not include a third option where jmac has a big lead but the media doesn't want to let that information out because they want to force hussein down our throats.
that would, of course, be the bigger cover-up.
as for hussein's polling numbers, we are a short attention span people.
we tire of britney.
we tire of paris.

Anonymous said...

I negelected to mention that in addtion to what I posted above McCain is an old man. With all of the factors working in Obama's favor for team Obama to not have a 20 or 30 point lead right now suggests absolutely breath taking incompentence on the part on the part of his team. Either that or they or horribly out of touch with the voters.

Anonymous said...

It should be "whoever" not "whomever" since the person who told would be a he or she not a him or her!

Who is used when the answer is a subject pronoun, and whom when the answer is an object pronoun!

Other than that Im glad to see Obama get his skinny ass kicked every time he opens it to say something!

Anonymous said...


McCain having a big lead and the pllsters cooking the books certainly could be possible. I jsut did not think it likely. In review. 1.)Obama has a vast money advantage. This is being translated into the voting public being deluged with politial ads praising all things Obama and cursing all things McCain. 2.)Obama has a vast net work of supporters in the main stream news media. McCain does not. This is being translated into a vast amount of free poltical advertising for Obama that praises all things Obama and curses all things McCain. 3.)McCain is an old man. 4.)The voting public is, for the most part, fed up with all things Republican. As you point out, 5.)we are a people with a short attention span. As such, it would be suspected that team Obama's money advantage which is able to buy huge amounts of positive advertisments should be very effective. 6.)As I should have pointed earlier, the Republican leadership nominated a candidate to represent them that the "base" of the party is less than thrilled with.

In this political environment, Obama should have a twenty to thirty point lead. Why doesn't he? I came to the conclusion some time ago that his campaign is eitehr very stupid, very arrogant or both. Actually I think stupidity and arrogance may go hand in hand. Some commentators who are smarter than I am seem to have reached the same conculsion.

With McCain's not knowing how many houses his family owns may finally give team Obama a big opening. The bottome line is most Americans would be intimately familliar with how namy houses they are their spouse own. This does not look good for team McCain. Unfortuanely Obama's associations with Rezko and others may not be as easy to distill into talking points, as McCain's gaffe will be.