Saturday, August 30, 2008

Classy - Dems Pray For Hurricane To Hit During GOP Convention

First, we have the former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina ranking on Sarah Palin and joking that the hurricane is a sign from G-d against the Republicans...

And then of course we have Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann, saying the Hurricane Coming During GOP Convention is 'Proof There Is a God in Heaven'...

Ho ho...what a joke...New Orleans getting hit with another hurricane.

These foul cockroaches and others like them were perfectly happy to use the Katrina disaster - exacerbated and magnified by Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin and Democrat Governor Kathleen Bianco's malfeasance - for political weaponry and leverage. Then, as now, they could care less about the human toll as long as the all-important Agenda is served.

Remember that when you vote in November.


Anonymous said...

Who is going to be hurt by another hurricane there? The residents of New Orelans are the ones who will be hurt by another hurricane there. Any harm to the convention attendees would only be minor compared to how much this would hurt the residents. Clearly these people who would wish harm on the residents of New Orleans are evil. I hesitate to use that term but I can think of no other but to call them what they are. They are evil.

"Rember this when you vote in November." Perhasp the voters are thinking about this. As I have said here and elsewhere, Obama should have a massive lead right now but all the polls indicate a close race. Maybe the voters are thinking about hate actions lkie this and the fact that they always seem to be coming from the Democratic party.

Un any event, Bew Orleans residents vote predominately Democratic. Maybe another herricane is a judgement for voting for the pro-abortion party. In any event, it is arrogant on the part of anyone to presume they know what God is thinking about any thing at a given time. Again, anyone who would wish harm on the preople of New Orleans is engaging in evil.

Anonymous said...

Decemt people are praying that the hurricane will stay out in the ocean and die without hurting anyone else. No decent person would want this hurricane to hit New Orleans or anywhere else at any time.