Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Real Story On Palin's 'Negatives'

It's increasingly obvious that the Left is scared witless of Sarah Palin, and the attacks have already begun.

Here are some of the Left's hurriedly marshalled talking points - and the truth.

"She's totally inexperienced, especially in international affairs and this reflects on McCain's judgment, putting somebody like that a heart beat from the presidency."

I mean, how experienced is the Democrat top half of the ticket? And what kind of judgment does nominating him show? Aside from that neat turn around, the fact is that Sarah Palin has more executive experience than anyone on either ticket.She's run her own commercial fishing business, spent two terms as mayor of Wasilla, served on Alaska's Oil and Gas board, commanded Alaska's National Guard and served as Alaska's governor for two years. And during that time, she's done more than just serve - she's balanced budgets, cut taxes and government spending, engaged in ethics reform, tangled with Big Oil to get it to rebate more money to the state, overseen spending on infrastructure and negotiations with the Canadian government over a $40M gas pipeline, among other things.

John McCain has at least run a naval squadron, served with distinction in our military ( where leadership has a lot more life and death implications than most political posts), served two terms in the House and has been in the forefront of the senate during his tenure.

Obama's only accomplishments are as follows: editor of the Harvard Law Review, for which he did not write a single article; his time as a 'community organizer' which essentially means he worked at helping people like Tony Rezco bilk the government out of money to build dysfunctional slums that are currently falling apart because of the shoddy construction and planning; a stint as a college professor where he and his colleague Bill Ayers worked together on an 'education' project that wasted over $100 million of taxpayer dollars without any tangible result; two terms in the Illinois legislature where he accomplished nothing of substance and even had bills created by others attributed to him to fatten his thin resume; and his single term in the US senate, where he started running for the presidency almost from day one and in which he's established a record for voting 'present' more than any other senator in US history. And oh yes, he's written two books and delivered a few speeches.

Biden likewise has never run anything in his life. Aside from a brief stint as an attorney, he's spent all his life as a senator. And while he's had a lot of experience dealing with foreign policy, in Biden's case experience doesn't necessarily equal expertise. If Joe Biden had his way, Saddam Hussein would not only still be in power but would be controlling Iraq and Kuwait's oil and be in a position to threaten the Emirates and shut down the oil flow through the Persian Gulf.Biden was also a major supporter of the decisions we made regarding Kossovo,starting withe the Clinton Administration and the fallout of that decision has only now become evident.

"She's anti-Israel, and she endorsed Pat Buchanan for president."

This horse manure is being peddled by the National Jewish Democratic Committee and especially by Obama's foul little shill Robert Wexler (d-his mother-in-laws' couch)who called Palin's nomination 'an insult to Jews.'

The truth? Palin's 'endorsement' consisted of telling someone that she'd be willing to wear a Buchanan for president button 'just out of politeness' when he visited Wasilla while she was mayor during the campaign!

People who vouch for Palin's pro-Israel leanings include Israeli Foreign Ministry official David Akov, who served as Israel's Consul General for the Pacific Northwest Region, the head of Chabad in Anchorage Rabbi Yosef Greenberg, Alaskan Republican Jewish Coalition member Terry Gorlick, who knows Palin well and has worked with her on several issues, Alaska's AIPAC chairman David Gottstein, and Anne Lieberman from Boker Tov Boulder.

On the other hand, Obama's endorsement by known Jew haters and his consorting with them is pretty well known. As are a number of his questionable views on Israel...not to mention advisers on foreign affairs to his campaign like Susan Rice, Dan Kurzer, Robert Malley and Zbigniew Brezhinski.

"Sarah Palin's latest kid isn't hers...she's covering up for an out-of-wedlock birth for her teenage daughter."

This whopper comes from the fine people at places like Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.The sole basis of it is the fact that the daughter in question spent a couple of months out of school because she contracted mono, and the fact that Governor Palin's pregnancy didn't leave her looking especially large and that she was back at her desk a matter of days after giving birth.

Aside from the fact that there are plenty of pictures of the governor where she's obviously pregnant if not especially large (frequently the case with athletic women), the hospital records and the fact that she's breastfeeding, there's the fact that the odds of a forty plus woman giving birth to a Down's Syndrome baby as opposed to a teenage girl is over fifty times greater.

"She's under investigation for an ethics violation and abuse of power."

One of our readers, 61northak sent me a number of links on this one, and as always, I preferred to check this story out rather than simply putting unvetted links on the site.

Here's the real deal, courtesy of Mataharley over at Flopping Aces.

What the 'ethics violation' concerns is whether Governor Palin improperly fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan because he refused yield to pressure to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who was involved in a messy divorce and custody battle with her sister.

Wooten's a real beaut. In addition to tasering his own 11-year-old stepson son, being involved in domestic violence and being caught driving drunk in his patrol car, he also threatened the Palins and especially Palin's father, who Wooten said would "eat an f**king lead bullet" if he tried to get his daughter a lawyer for the divorce case.

He was also found guilty, in a subsequent investigation, of being involved in a bar fight, making racist remarks about Native Alaskans ( Palin's husband Todd is half Yupik) abuse of state resources ( use of gas credit cards), and illegal hunting activities, a serious offense in Alaska and one of the laws Wooten was sworn to enforce.For these activities, he was sentenced, believe it or not, to a mere five days suspension after the union protested.

What we have here, obviously, is a loose cannon who would have been fired in most jurisdictions and not allowed to run amok with a badge and gun.

The Palins made a number of documented complaints about Wooten, back when the death threats and the other incidents occurred, back in 2005, before Palin was elected governor.

Here's where the so-called abuse of power angle comes in. Todd Palin was apparently ordered to talk to Monegan about Wooten by no less than Special Agent Bob Cockrell, head of the governor's security detail to discuss Wooten with Walt Monegan, as Cockrell felt Wooten presented a credible threat to Governor Palin’s safety. And Cockrell, now protecting his sixth Alaskan governor has com eout openly and called Monegan's allegations false.

Monegan further says that others around Palin `applied pressure' but admits Palin herself never said a word to him on the subject. The only other person so far that's surfaced as applying anything like the kind of pressure Monegan is talking about is director of boards and commissions Frank Bailey..who mentioned the subject to not to Monegan but to Ketchikan-based Lieutenant Rodney Dial, and in no way intimated he would be fired if he didn't get rid of Wooten. And Bailey admits that he made the call on his own.

According to Palin, Monegan, a cabinet official who served at the pleasure of the governor and was appointed by Palin was fired for problems in his complying with a budget cut for the troopers, department morale, failure to meet recruiting goals, and problems with bootlegging enforcement. She had every right to fire him. And here's another morsel as to how trumped up this nonsense is..if Palin wanted to get Wooten fired, why didn't she push for that back in 2005 when the original complaints surfaced?

And since complaints were already filed and being investigated by Wootren's immediate superior, Colonel Julia Grimes, why would even need to pressure Monegan over firing Wooten? Why not go directly to Grimes? And if getting Wooten fired was what she wanted why the two-and-a-half-year time lag before firing Monegan?

What this is is a vendetta by a disgruntled political appointee, aided and abetted by a man Palin beat out for the governor's race in the primary, Andrew Halcro.

Expect to hear more of it as the Left magnifies it out of all proportion, but compared with a certain presidential candidate's associations with people like Tony Rezco and Mazen Asbahi , it's not even worth mentioning.

If that's the best the Angry Left attack dogs can come up with, I wouldn't worry.

The truth will set you free...selah.


Roy Lofquist said...

Thought you might appreciate this - Sarah's musical career:

GW said...

Good post, Robert, and good follow up on her ethics complaint.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Roy, GW..Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah, she something, isn't she?

Read Margaret Thatcher's autobiography. She comes from the same kind of background.

All Best,

Fritz J. said...

FF, I have to agree that the left must be scared. They have sent every idiot they have out and are posting links to the KOS kids post on the grandchild theory on many conservative blogs. I can only conclude that they think Palin's nomination will result in the election getting away from them because why else would they panic over a relatively obscure governor being nominated as vice president. If she were truly as incompetent as they are trying to claim the correct strategy would be to stay low key and let the voters discover that for themselves. After all, someone that incompetent would naturally screw up on the campaign trail to the point where it was obvious to everyone.

I'm looking forward to the vice presidential debate because I think Sarah Barracuda will score a clean knockout over Windy Joe for the simple reason that Biden will not be able to keep his mouth shut when he should. I predict he will make some belittling remarks and she will simply outclass him as well as let him prove to everyone that he should learn to keep his mouth shut.

And while I'm less than enthusiastic about McCain, her selection and the announcement of it was a brilliant tactical move on his part. Instead of all the pundits spending the weekend praising Obama's acceptance speech, her selection sucked all the air out of that and instead they are all busy talking about Palin. People have to really hunt to find much comment on his rather boilerplate acceptance speech. Even MSNBC has been so busy panning Palin that they haven't had much time to fawn over the speech.

I really think that the average voter will like Palin once he learns more about her, and unless she suffers a meltdown on the campaign trail she will be a big positive for McCain. Of course she may blow it, but somehow I doubt that.

Roy Lofquist said...

Gee, I hope McCain isn't a drag on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I was appalled and amused that the Republicans would resurrect Hitler as a woman. She appeals to the uneducated and uninformed but that's her job. However, that may change when they find out that the baby she has managed to pass off as hers is really her 17 y/o daughter's baby and that her son joined the army to avoid jailtime. Really, there's nothing wrong with her being uneducated or less than a perfect role model. But as a person who would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. That's just wrong and speaks volumes about McCain's judgment.

Even though Obama is a white man with a great tan, I think most uneducated white people will vote for McCain because he lacks such a tan.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear Anonymous 1:59PM...I just had to let this one through to let the members of Joshua's Army see the sort of garbage I normally censor and realize that classy people like you actually exist.

'Hitler as a woman', eh? Impossible, Anon, as Hitler and the Nazis were creatures of the was the National Socialist German Worker's Party. remember? And if that's not enough of a clue for a half wit like you, the red Nazi flag ough to be another tipoff.

C'mon be honest about this much at least. You care absolutely nothing about the country but everything about your putrid agenda,and you weren't planning on voting for McCain even if he had Jesus Christ as a running. As a matter of fact especially not then, eh?

Have a nice trip back to DU an Kos land,OK?


Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding? You really don't know anything an prove it repeatedly with every sentence you write. Your arguments are a series of strawman arguments with non sequiturs to arrive at erroneous conclusions. If it helps you to sleep at night all the power to you.
Palin has no experience and no knowledge of the information one needs to make decisions on the world stage much less an understanding of financial markets or monetary policy. She cannot string a series of thoughts together coherently unless she is reading off a teleprompter or somebody has coached her. Stop lionizing her, McCain made a poor choice for VP, yes she did energize the base but it will take more than the base to win the election. McCain cannot even use Palin to help spin after a debate, the role of a competent VP, because she will embarrass the ticket. Get your head on straight, you make us all look ridiculous by continuing your worship of a woman who is completely out of her depth. If, God forbid, something happens to McCain, do you want Palin making the decisions about how to solve the current financial crisis? Get your head in the game. Palin is not polling well with America. It will take a majority of Americans, Republicans and Independents to elect a president. You make the rest of the party look ridiculous.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous 5:32PM,
For your information, I met Governor Palin while she was still a relative unknown outside Alaska, and you simply don't know what you're talking about.

Far from an embarrassment, she's a major asset.

Like most POTUS, she has a few gaps in her knowledge but more importantly, she has common sense,guts and the right instincts.

One of those gaps is not finqace, BTW. Alaska has a huge surplus under her leadership.

Conservatives cannot out pander the Left, but they can present cogent arguments for principle.

And that's how to win.