Friday, August 15, 2008

Howard Dean Calls The GOP 'The White Party'

Ah yes, another Howard Dean moment.The funny part is, Deanie really, really believes this horse puckey.

I guess somebody forgot to tell this jackass who the party of the slaveowners and the Klan was.And which party it was that doomed a large part of America's Blacks to a cycle of dependence, poverty and hopelessness through its misbegotten policies.


Anonymous said...

For that, Dr. Dean gets the Race Card!

Anonymous said...

I guess somebody forgot to tell

no, he is well aware of the facts.
so are the people to whom he speaks.

Anonymous said...

this being the weekend, i really did not grasp the meaning of ff comment.
imo, ff has offended all the mules and/or jackasses that daily go to work and put in an honest days work.
for what?
for ff to insult them in this manner.
comparing them to howard dean.
ff should be ashamed of hisself.
........and should i know he's going to....