Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend Monkey At The DNC - Hillary's Big Night

Hideyho, primates...this has been an interesting night , it pretty much all belongs to Hillary and her big speech.

Mark Warner did the keynote, and called this "a race for the future', but he was pretty low key about attacking McCain. After all, he's running for Senate in Virginia, where there's a ton of military families.

He's about the only one who did. Almost everybody else tonight concentrated on McCain attacks, but in a weird way...the stuff seemed mainly geared towards quickie soundbites, rather than anything serious, almost as if people like Karen Sebelius were reading scripted lines, doing their bit and moving on rather than trying to actually make a real impact like up and coming pols normally do when they speak at the convention.

I think that was deliberate,to pave the way for the main event.The Obama people wanted everything focused on Hillary tonight.

Finally Chelsea came on, to introduce another of those Hollywood-type videos on her mom...I think they called it 'Homage to Hillary' or something. About what you'd expect.

And then the Big Girl made her entrance.

She did what was expected of her, almost like it was a duty...and it's pretty obvious that her speech was vetted by the Obama campaign pretty thoroughly.

She made a huge pitch for party unity, and got off the best soundbite of the night saying, "No way. No How. No McCain."

That had to have come directly from Obama's campaign gorillas, and I guarantee it will be a campaign spot.

It was a good speech, and I'm sure the Obama people are mucho happy with it, but in a weird way it was kinda unbalanced and unnatural.This was her audience tonight and they wanted to hear her, but it seemed like she wanted nothing more than to deliver the lines,take the bow and get it over with.No dramatic pauses, no banter with the crowd, no nuthin'..she even stepped on a few applause lines and in a couple of places she even kept yakking right through the applause, she was in that much of a hurry to get the thing over with.

Like I said though, she did what was expected of her tonight, calling for party unity and telling her fans that she was supporting Obama.

I dunno. The words were right but the music wasn't, if you get my drift, and my feeling is that Hillary is going to soldier on and do the minimum for Obama she can get away with and still be considered a party loyalist.

The final diss to her is going to be having to sit there while Obama makes his big acceptance speech at the stadium...and she'll pretty much be alone. Mr. Bill and most of the top Clintonistas are giving it a miss.

Tomorrow night is the big roll call and Mr. Bill's speech and both items ought to be interesting. There's apparently a backstage argument going on as to whether Hillary's votes in the roll call are going to be announced as well as Obama's or whether they're just going to announce Obama's to give it more of an air of unity, and then nominate him by acclimation. Hey, no sense leaving anything to chance hmmm?

And Mr. Bill's speech...so far,everything anybody has said onstage has been throughly controlled and vetted by the Obama campaign, and Clinton was apparently ticked off when they tried to tell him what to say. I wonder if he's planning on going off the reservation and pulling something?

We'll find out tomorrow. Right now, this Monkey craves a little refreshment...see you later.


dmarks said...

"I wonder if he's planning on going off the reservation and pulling something?"

Going to count the minutes that roll by before Clinton says something that is not a lie?

Anonymous said...

ff do you even know if monkey boy is in denver spending your budget or not.
chimpy didn't say anything about her pantsuit. orange. everyone at the bar i was at, said that meant she was pissed and wore that hedieous orange to say so.
chimpy didn't say anything about THE SCOWL IS BACK.
did you see MO?
she was stone faced scowled until hilla said obama is her candidate and then came that big ol toothy grin.
now ff, this is your blog, and you can budget it in the way you see fit. but if i were you i would be checking monkey boy's cell phone records. they may not show up with the right area code, if you know what i mean.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Dmarks,
Remember...politics, the art of the possible.

Hey Louie,
How are you?

I don't need Weekend Monkey to tell me about what color pantsuit Lady Macbeth was wearing last night...the photos were easily obtainable. Nor am I interested in Michelle Obama's facial expressions.

What was important was WHAT Hillary said and more importantly HOW she said it and how the crowd reacted.

That and the fact that Mr. Bill and the other Clintonistas are leaving before Obama makes his Geek God speech at Ivesco Field tell me volumes about what's really going on behind the scenes, just like Mr.Bill's speech and the way the roll call is conducted will.

All Best,

Anonymous said...

....i sort of wonder about that party loyalist slant as well. after the way hilla has been treated, if hussein does not win, imo, the dems will move farther left. where will that leave her? would she want to try for what passes as the dem party's nomination in four years. she will have to commit then. either the senate or the WH. but that is for another day. four years hence.

Freedom Fighter said...

Well Louie,
I think that when Obama is defeated Hillary is planning on picking up the pieces for 2012 saying 'see? Told ya so!"

In reality, I think there's at least a 50% or better chance that if the Dems don't win the White House,the party could split into a radical Left party and a center left party.


dmarks said...

The slave apes in "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" wore orange outfits like Hillary's. That is what she remind me of.

Freedom: I've heard the "this will split the party" thing after some or other defeat 10+ times in the past 20 years, for both parties. It has never come close, and I don't see it happening this time.