Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Monkey At The DNC, 8/25/08

Whooo, Hideyho, Primates! Here's the latest from the Donkey Convention, live from Pepsi Center.

The high point of the evening so far has been Teddy Kennedy telling my Democrats "to change America, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States."

Originally,I heard Teddy was just supposed to wave from the stage after they showed the video on him, but I guess he was feeling up to yakking a little bit. They drove him up to the stage at Pepsi in a little golf cart. Kind of a moment, I guess, sorta like he was passing the torch on to Obama Yo Mama.Hardly a dry eye in the house.

I coulda done without Caroline Kennedy yakking it up about how Obama inspired the Kennedys just like JFK.I mean, I realize she's in the Obama camp bigtime, but I personally don't think her father would recognize today's Democratic party...things have changed since 1960.

From what I hear, every speech throughout the entire convention had to be okayed by the Obama campaign, and they're all sticking to two basic themes:McCain is an evil, senile fool who is BushHitler II, and Barack Hussein Obama is just a working class type family man who is just yer average mainstream all-American regular guy.

It was pretty wild was the way everybody from Pelosi on down spent that much time trashing McCain. I mean, a certain amount of that is to be expected, but this was almost overkill!

Still,it makes political sense...this is their moment and they know people are watching, so they're going for the jugular...and that's what the campaign is going to be like from now on. I think they would have been better off concentrating on exactly what the Democrats are planning to change in Washington, but maybe they'll get to that later.

The main act in the circus, of course, is gonna be Michelle O.We'll see what she says..right now, Weekend Monkey's thirsty and the hospitality table beckons...booyah!

Just saw the Michelle O extravaganza. Her job's try to tell yer average American that she and Barack are just your normal everyday couple....ri-ight.

Things started out with a video narrated by her mom about her tortured life an dall the supposed obstacles she's had to overcome, then she came on the stage.

They softened up her image considerably:

See..not a scowl or a furrowed brow to be seen...

Her speech was all sweetness and light, about treating people with dignity and respect regardless of whether they agreed with you or not,which is pretty funny considering the treatment McCain got tonight! They even got the Obama's two kids involved in tonight's performance,shouting 'Hi Daddy' and 'I love you Daddy' at a giant video screen relaying the One's speech and visage from wherever he's sequestered.


She stayed out of policy mostly, and only mentioned race in terms of the stuff I already mentioned about dignity and respect for everyone. I'm sure she learned that from Rev. Wright over at Trinity.

See you tomorrow, primates!


Anonymous said...

i'm confused.
which one is the photo of ted and which is monkey boy?

Freedom Fighter said...

Ted's the one facing the audience from the stage.

Anonymous said...

What kind of change? Turn the United States into Zimbabwe? Way to go you liberal idiots!