Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekend Monkey - Dems Officially nominate Obama And Hillary Gets Her Face Rubbed In It

Hideyho, Primates! Hoo, was it a stinker today....I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

My Democrats officially nominated Barack Obama as their leader today, following the traditional roll call of the states...which was as untraditional as they could make it, complete with a nasty twist of the knife for Hillary.

Normally, the roll calls go something like this: "The State of Ohio casts 55 votes for Senator Hillary Clinton and 20 votes for Barack Obama!"

This time, they stopped the roll call at New Mexico ( avoiding big states like New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio that went bigtime for Hillary) and New Mexico yielded to Illinois without voting. Then Mayor Daley of Chicago yielded to New York...where they gave Hillary the job of moving to nominate Obama 'by acclamation.'

I mean, talk about twisting the knife! I actually felt sorry for her...for a minute or two.

Things must be pretty bleak in the Obama camp if they were too worried to risk at least one full roll call. And Hillary's people ain't gonna be pleased..the whole reason for this charade is that they were supposed to have their voices heard..instead, they've just been dissed big time, and so has she, an dI think that's gonna end up being a big mistake for Obama Yo' Mama later on.

Mr. Bill speaks later tonight. He's already pissed off because they shoved him outta prime time,in between my ex-pal John Kerry and Bill Richardson, who the Clintons really hate, because he jumped ship to shill for Obama. Plus Biden debuts as the Donkey pitbull tonight.

This could get interesting...

UPDATE #1 - Just finished listening to Mr.Bill. Damn good speech, actually. Went over the Good Old Days of the Clinton years, and came out pretty strongly for Obama, made a point of saying he's ready to be president. I wonder,what were the Clintons offered? Or are they just positioning themselves for 2012? I betcha both of them end up voting for McCain on election day out of spite.

Update #2-My ex-pal, that loser John Kerry was just on. Really ripping McCain, accusing him of flip flopping,being dishonest, part of the past....the sheeples here are loving it,but I remember they weren't so fond of Kerry after they found out he squirreled away $15M out of the campaign funds for his own PAC in a close election...

UPDATE#3 - Biden's up...I can't believe how labored he sounds.Yakking about his blue collar roots, class warfare stuff, a little massaging of the he's going on about how John McCain is more of the same,poor judgment compared to Obama on foreign policy, lotsa drivel about the future.He's getting the big 'O',but this is lame. This is supposed to be the new Democratic pitbull? Jeesh!Even Kerry was better at savaging McCain..


Anonymous said...

is this why they call politicians w*ores?
why would she do something like this?
at some point you have to say enough is enough. either that or the price of she & bill addressing the convention was for her to go through with this charade.
i'm surprised monkey boy was sober enough to post this.

Anonymous said...

i stumbled onto the RNC website and saw that michael steele will be addressing the convention.
this is where substance meets style.
i also...........
oh no...........
i just thought of something..........
oh no..............
ff, are you sending monkey boy to minn-st. paul for the RNC?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
In answer to your question about Hillary, there are obviously three levers for Obama to pull:

1) Party loyalty. Hillary cooperating now may have been the price for her to look good with the Dem National Committee and the supers later.

2) Retiring her campaign debt

3) A possible deal for a cabinet position or a Supreme Court nomination.My notorious liddle birdies have mentioned both.

As for your other point...Weekend Monkey was able to get floor tickets for the Donkey Gathering because of his position as a former presidential candidate and his press credentials as JP's official correspondent, even though he had no delegates pledged to him.

He's not quite in the same position with the GOP.

Originally, I had only planned to have us discuss the GOP convention together as it unfolded, but you've come up with an excellent idea here. I'll have to see if we can get him somewhere inside at Minneappolis.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Are both sides trying to lose this election?