Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Terrorizes TV Stations Over Ayers Ad.

The truth shall set ye free...unless it's not the truth we want out there, Bubba.

In a move redolent of the Kerry campaign's attempt to stifle the swift boat ads, Barack Obama is literally terrorizing a few TV stations over the above ad put out by a non-profit 501C group ( not a 527, as some have reported) called The American Issues Project. And he's even trying to sic the Department of Justice on them.

One of the amusing characteristics lately of the Obama campaign has been their knee jerk attacks on matters they would have been much better to let go by.

A good example is their 'McCain's houses' meme..which gave rise to the response that it was, after all, Obama who bought his multimillion dollar Chicago mansion in a shady deal with a convicted felon named Tony Rezco.

The most recent example is Obama's outrage over any questions about his ties to Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, who was released due to a legal technicality..

When questions about this originally came up, Obama simply characterized Ayers as 'just a friend from the neighborhood.'

Of course, more facts about the relationship between Obama and Ayers surfaced...how Obama sought out to ingratiate himself with Ayers, a member of a politically well connected Chicago family, how Obama launched his political career from the living room of Ayer's home, and their close work together on the ultra Left Annenberg Challenge,and on the Chicago School Reform Collaborative.

The fuss the Obama-ites are making in trying to bury all this isn't helping them in the least.

Journalist Stanley Kurtz was suddenly denied access to the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge by the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Chicago after he been granted access and given an index...until the fit hit the shan and the University felt compelled to open up the records again, probably after disposing of anything inconvenient.

The problem with the ad isn't that it says anything false in itself..it doesn't. It's that it highlights a part of Obama that the campaign wants to keep hidden at all costs, for reasons we can only guess at. And that's going to make the c=scrutiny more intense.

When you put the kind of muscle out to try and suppress something like this,people can't help but wonder why.

The Obama campaign would have done much better to leave well enough alone and not call attention to this.


Anonymous said...

They probably sent Sandy Burglar to get rid of the "inconvenient" documents

dmarks said...

I have not though of Ol Baggypants in quite a while.