Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Gets a Negative Convention Bounce

According to Rasmussen The Chosen One is getting a bounce out of the convention so far..but the numbers are headed south:

The Democratic National Convention has begun and the poll numbers are bouncing, but not in the direction that most people anticipated.{...}

Obama’s support has declined in each of the last three individual nights of polling. This may be either statistical noise or a reaction to the selection of Biden. If it’s the latter, it probably has less to do with Biden than Hillary Clinton. Forty-seven percent (47%) of Democratic women say Clinton should have been picked and 21% of them say they’ll vote for McCain.



Anonymous said...

Most people in America want change, however, it seems they may be uncomfortable with the type of change that Mr. Obama wants to bring.

Btw, I'm no fan of Obama but where exactly does the idea that he thinks he is a "chosen one" or a "messiah" come from. Of course he is sure of himself and he is an excellent speaker but then again most politicians are sure of themselves and many of them are good speakers. I'm not getting where the notion that he thinks he is somehow a "chosen one" or a "messiah" comes from.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Poster,
I believe it comes from the almost religious frenzy of his supporters, his own inflated ego and the uncritical and adulative press coverage he's received in much of the dinosaur media.

That,and the fact that he represents himself as `new' and'fresh' when he's really just a typical Chicago pol.

Anonymous said...

i also think some of his rally's have taken on some of a revival air to rival billy graham's meetings.
as knowledgable as b.poster is, just think elmer gantry with a very very good tan.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighter & Louie,

Thank you for the reply to my post. I think I see where both of you are coming from. As for the frenzied support he has, I tend to agree but I don't see where it is any diferenct from some other politicians. Bill Clinton had and has the same kind of support in some circles. Also, President Bush used to have this kind of support in some circles as well. But not now.

He has received very favorable and uncritical press coverage. So did Bill and Hill to a large extent until the media got on the Obama bandwagon.

He does seem to have a large ego but then so do alot of politicans and buisness leaders for that matter. They honestly believe they can change things for the better.

He does present himself as new and fresh but he is the same as any Chicago pol. Most politicians try to present themselves as something new but they are not.

As for the media coverage, even today the NY Times said Obama needs to work on his presnetation. My response is, "good Lord how can you present yourselves any better. Presenting your message should not be a problem. You practially own the media. I think the problem is the message, not the presentation!!"

Mostly the American people just aren't comfortable with the change you are proposing. In this election environment, Obama should have a thirty point lead but the polls say he doesn't. The message must not be resonating with the American people very well.