Friday, August 15, 2008

Hill N' Bill's Convention...

Barack Obama once again proved himself conspicuously lacking in the ol' testosterone department by almost totally caving in to the Clinton's demands for the Donkey extravaganza in Denver.

Not only will Mr. Bill get a prime time speech slot on Wednesday, but Lady Macbeth gets to have her name put into nomination on the floor,with as many seconding speeches as she wants, and to be included in the roll call vote on the first ballot. Plus, she gets a slot of her own to speak on Tuesday, introduced by none other than daughter Chelsea plus a nice video, made by a team of her choice to be shown at the convention on prime time extolling her many virtues!

And Hillary gets a platform plank that uses "sexism" and "glass ceiling" language that almost as much as says she'd be the nominee if it wasn't for that.

Essentially, the Clintons are taking up two out of the four nights of the convention.It's almost as if they had won the nomination instead of Obama and his bitter half.

Now, I always figured Obama as a fairly craven individual, but even I'm surprised at his lack of spine.

Why's he doing it? Because he has to.

Barack Obama's ostensible reason for allowing this travesty is because he wants to promote 'party unity.'

Horse manure.

Any fleeting ideas that he's being magnanimous isn't going to get him a single vote he couldn't have gotten in November anyway. And any PUMA's and Hillary supporters who refuse to accept him as the legitimate winner aren't going to suddenly embrace Barack Obama just because he's giving Hillary Clinton a spotlight at the convention and catering to her demands.

The real reason is a pretty simple one, I think.

Obama barely won the primaries, and instead of finishing in a triumphant blaze of glory, he limped across the finsh line, losing in every one of the big states the Donkeys are going to need if they're going to beat McCain in November. In fact, now that Michigan and Florida's delegates are being counted, not only did Hillary win the popular vote, but only about one hundred delegate votes, all superdelegates seperate Hillary and Obama.

Obama's poll numbers have pretty much flatlined, and in a year when the Democrat nominee was supposed to win in a walk he's in a dead heat with John McCain.

This isn' t lost on the Clintons either, or on Obama. The Clintons have said all along that Obama can't win, and I have no doubt that the phonecalls are being made to the superdelegates saying exactly that.

I doubt that the supers will bend over for the Clintons and take the nomination away from Obama - doing that would ensure a mass defection of the Black vote the party increasingly depends on, not to mention the Angry Left - but it may very well be all about planting the seeds for a Hillary campaign in 2012..."see, I told you he couldn't win.."

As for Obama, we wonders, we wonders. Why did he consent to all this? Do the Clintons have something on him, or is he merely hoping that a properly stage managed 'reconciliation' will deliver those Democrat votes that have been eluding him so far? Is he hoping for a major presence on the campaign trail by the Clintons?

If it's the latter, Obama had best consider that it's in the Clinton's interest for him to tank, especially since McCain will undoubtedly be a one term president. And even if that wasn't true, Hillary may not be able to deliver those votes to Obama even if they wanted to.

Either way, we found out something important.

We just learned exactly how President Obama would fare negotiating with the likes of Putin and Ahmadinejad.

He'd be lucky to come home with his underwear.


Anonymous said...

Do the Clintons have something on him,

you're kidding right?
you're not really asking that question, right?
like how proud his wifey is of america, finally.
like the theme of the sermons of his spiritual mentor.
like the number of states in the union.
like the company he keeps.
like the people who financed his transcontinental junket.
like the people who bought and paid for him while still a huckster in chicago.
what can you possibly be talking about?
none of the above matters.
everyone knows about the above and he's still polling at 3 points better than jmac and leading by a large margin where it really does count, in the EC.
hussein is what this country wants. i don't have a problem with the man. he can say and do just as any other person. what i have a problem with, is this scum is leading in the polls because the people of this country support him. they are the ones i have a problem with. in a country like the US, his polling numbers should be about 1%, tops.

We just learned exactly how President Obama woul dfare negotiating with the likes of Putin and Ahmadinejad.

.......and that would be different from the current occupant of the white house how????

Anonymous said...

I agree that Obama would probably be the worst choice for negotiating with Amadinejad or Putin. Unfortunately I think any president would have a difficult time negotiating with Putin or Amadinejad, especially Putin.

Ameria has a massive national debt, a worn down military, and a stuggling economy. Russia has a newly modernized militiary, is awash in cash from oil sales, and has a booming economy. In any negotiations Putin would have the better hand.

These are simply the facts. Now this does not mean that Russia and Putin cannot be defeated but if we deny the reality or the gravity of the situation victory will be even more difficult if not totally impossible. If we are to defeat the Russians, it is unlikely that we can over power them, however, we can out think thme. This has been done before.

Reagan and his advisors defeated the Russians by out thinking them. When Reagan entered office, the Soviet Union was the most powerful nation on earth and they were expanding their empire. By the end of his two terms, the Soviet Union had fallen. Reagan and his advisors outsmarted them. This can be done again.

Mr. Putin, the Russian leadership, and possibly the Russian people are extremely arrogant. An arrogant person will eventually make mistakes. If we are alert, we can capitalize on these inevitable mistakes. We defeated the Russians once. We cnn do it again but we are unlikelyt o be able to over power thme. We can out think them. I pray that we do succeed in thwarting the advance of the current Russian leadership. The consequences of failure would be catastrophic.

Anonymous said...

The previous post was on the wrong thread. I apologize.

I find it higly unlikely that the Obama camp would have given Bill and Hill prime time slots without getting something substantial. Possibly in return for Hilliary endorsing Obama the Obama camp will assume Hilliary's campaign debts. During these speeches ill and Hilliary will praise all things Obama. The Obama camp will have to approve every word and every aspect of the speech. In other words, Mrs. Clinton will not be given this opportunity so she can praise herself. It will have to be all about Obama and how good his camp thinks he is. In other words, I don't see this as a capitulation on the part of Obama. I see it as clever politics. Indeed I'm surprised Mrs. Clinton went along with this. I would have thought the restrictions that the Obama team would place on her would mean any speech by her would have negative utility for her political future. She must be more desparate than is generally known.