Thursday, August 07, 2008

Impeachment Battle Looms For Pakistan's Musharraf

It took awhile but the leftist PPP of the late Benazhir Bhutto and the Islamist Pakistan Muslim League of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who form the ruling coalition finally agreed on one thing..they want Musharraf impeached.

This would be a first for Pakistan.

Musharraf has been hanging on by his fingernails for quite some time, ever since Condi Rice and the US State Department pressured him to allow Benazhir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif back into Pakistan to 'strengthen democracy'. And yes, if this rings a bell, it's pretty much the way the Carter Administration pressured the Shah of Iran into allowing Khomeni back into the country,with the results I'm sure we're all familiar with.

The charges against Musharraf are a little convoluted and difficult to formulate according to what passes for a Constitution there ,but in a place like Pakistan, that really doesn't matter too much.They'll undoubtedly find a way to pull it off.

What Musharraf could do is to dissolve the National Assembly, which he's able to do under the Constitution. If he did it at this point, the proverbial fit would hit the shan and massive civil disorder is a certainty,so it's doubtful he'd do that unless he was assured that the army,the only functioning entity in Pakistan was behind him.

They may or may not be.

If they're not, the other possibility is that Musharraf simply leaves the country, ala' the Shah.

Oh,in case you were wondering - Musharraf has been the primary guardian of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, and the chief assurance to the West that Pakistan's nukes won't fall into the wrong hands. With him gone,that particular party's over and Pakistan's nukes are up for grabs.

As this map shows,, the majority of Pakistan's nuclear facilities are located either in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP)and Waziristan near the Afghan border which Pakistan has already essentially ceded to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda or in the Punjab near Islamabad...which is right next door.

Chalk up another victory in diplomacy for the US State Department.


Anonymous said...

are a little convoluted and difficult to formulate according to what passes for a Constitution there ,but in a place like Pakistan,

oh my, ff is starting to sound like LL.

and massive civil disorder is a certainty

this is pakistan we are speaking of correct??????

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
I'm mostly concerned about the nukes.

Did you look at the and see how close all th enuke installations are to Talibanistan? Scary.

And again, notice the eerie similarities with how our Stae Department handled Iran in 1979..

Anonymous said...

The people at the State Department are either a.) blinded by their ideology and, as such, are unable to think clearly, b.)very, very stupid, or c.) enemies of America.

I think we can dismiss b. These people are definitely not stupid. I think the problem is a combination of a and c. While I think it is highly likely that enemies of the United States do hold positionw=s within the State Department, even high ranking positions, I think the primary problem is a. The ideology of these people blinds them to reality.

Whether the problem lies in a or c the solution is still the same. The State Department needs to be disbanded and replaced by somehting that will represent America's just interests. It seems the State Department undermines America's just interests at every opportunity.

No wonder no one wants to ally with us. State will stab them in the back at the firts opportunity. That is unless they are enemis of America. Then State will provide them with complete and total support!!

Should those nukes fall into the hands of terrorists, if they have not done so already, sealing the north and south borders of the US, closely monitoring the mosques, and placing a moratorium on immigration from Islamic countries becomes more imperative than it was before this.

After 911, I would have taken those common sense precautions long before I would have considered invading anyone.