Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations, 8/20/08

Once again,it's time for a tasty slice of some of the best of the blogosphere, the Watcher's Council.

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one of their own and one from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. As you know, our infamous leader,the Watcher of Weasels retired and is now our leader emeritus. Last week, the Council was hosted by Dave Schuler at The Glittering Eye. This week, the Council is being hosted by none other than Wolf Howling, and a full list of entries, including the non-Council ones can be found here.

As I mentioned, Terry Trippany will be filling the Watcher's spot and hosting the Council as soon as the next week or so, once the new site is up...I'll keep you posted.

Council News: Our friend Callimachus at Done With Mirrors has departed from the Watcher’s Council for the worst of all reasons...pressure from his superiors at his job in the dinosaur media, which has caused him to give up blogging entirely. I'll miss him a great deal, However, that also means there’s a spot available. If you have a blog of your own, you're welcome to apply for a position. The rules are here. Please leave your application in the comments to this post or in the post at Wolf Howling linked above.

So, let's see what we have here:

1.Joshua Pundit – Georgia's Fallout - The Good And The Bad - there are both negative and positive effects from Russia's brutal invasion of Georgia, and I attempt to run them down in my submission this week.

2. The Glittering Eye – Finding the Anti-U. S. Angle - Dave Schuler's post this week deals with the obsession in some quarters to turn every issue inside out in order to find some way to blame it on the United States. The cost of being Numero Uno, I suppose.

3. Soccer Dad – Reuters Rooters - This week Soccer Dad looks at the moral equivalence of people like Reporters Without Borders having a frothing fit over the accidental shooting of a Palestinian cameramen by the IDF in a combat zone as opposed to how they've reacted to the killing and robbing of reporters by the Russian military and their Ossetian 'militias' in Georgia.

4. Bookworm Room – McCainiacs thinking outside of the box -As a conservative living in the Leftist enclave of the Bay Area, Ms. Bookworm recounts the ideas she and other McCain supporters have come up with to try and raise the consciousness of others in the region. Like any other rebels and non-conformists challenging the status quo, it's an uphill battle.

5. The Razor – Vindication - Scott examines the success of the surge..the one that was never supposed to work, if you remember!

6. Wolf Howling – Life In A Socialist Nanny State: When Petty Bureaucrats Have Power Over Life And Death - Here's the're a lifesaving team in England who's perfectly seaworthy and serviceable boat has been taken out of service simply because the appropriate bureaucrat has not gotten around to recertifying it as fit for use yet....and there's a young girl drowning within plain view of you out in the sea. Do you use the boat , save a life and risk the heavy hand of officialdom or do you let her drown? A real story, and GW has it here.

7. Colossus of Rhodey – The Best Thing About the Free Market ... Hube thinks the best thing about free markets is the ability to choose where to spend your hard earned shekels. I agree.

8. Rhymes With Right – McCain Campaigns & Deals With Policy While Obama Bodysurfs - Greg compares McCain's interaction and engagement on public policy and his campaign with Barack Obama's. That's what happens when you truly do put the country first as opposed to your own ego...and also what happens when you're behind and playing catch up.

Plenty of people wrote John McCain off back when his campaign was dead in the water a six months or so ago, and he ended up winning the nomination. There were also a lot of people who saw Obama's campaign as a mere procession to the coronation in the White House, with John McCain having absolutely no chance to win, and whom are now surprised that McCain appears to be leading in the polls.

I disagree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, but one of his most endearing qualities is his resilience, courage and ability to come from behind. Those qualities can take someone quite far in life...and in a presidency.

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