Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations, 8/13/08

Once again,it's time for a tasty slice of some of the best of the blogosphere, the Watcher's Council.

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one of their own and one from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. As you know, our infamous leader,the Watcher of Weasels retired and is now our leader emeritus. Last week, the Council was hosted by our own Scott Kirwin at The Razor. This week, the Council is being hosted by none other than Dave Schuler at The Glittering Eye, and a full list of entries, including the non-Council ones can be found here.

As I mentioned, Terry Trippany will be filling the Watcher's spot and hosting the Council as soon as the next week or so, once the new site is up...I'll keep you posted.

So, let's see what we have here:

Joshuapundit“Fear And Loathing: The Psychosexual Element In Islam” - One of the things that many non-Muslims have trouble reconciling with their notions of multiculturalism when it comes to Islam is the attitudes expressed in the religion and the culture towards women and female sexuality. Where do such attitudes come from? Are they an integral part of Islam, or are they merely cultural? To come up with some answers, I think it's important to look at Islam's formation,its beginnings and its interaction with the existing tribal cultures..and at the life of Islam's founder, Mohammed.

Wolf Howling“Obama, Criminalizing Politics & Thinking The Unthinkable” - As I did , GW noticed the buzz and enthusiasm on the Left to conduct 'war crimes' trials aimed at President Bush and various other figures in the administration once they leave office and President Obama takes over . These people, like head of the House Judiciary committee are entirely serious about this, and could care less about the evil precedent it would set or fundamental harm it would do to our Republic.

Rhymes With Right“Gravel: Support Terrorist By Terrorizing Prosecutor And His Family” - ex-Presidential candidate and American joke Mike Gravel has Greg's dander up, and rightly so. This senile cockroach suggests targeting the family of Federal prosecutor Gordon Kromberg for harassment simply for doing his job and going after terrorist scum like Sami Al-Arian, Islamic Jihad's man in America. By the way, the fact that Gravel is trying to set Muslims and denizens of the Angry Left on Kromberg, who happens to be a Jew gives us another indication of Gravel's inner nature.

Done With Mirrors“Laid to Rest” - Callimachus offers a brief and eloquent elegy for the late Solzenitsyn.

The Razor“Rolling Stone: Size Doesn’t Matter” - Scott focuses this week on the declining fortunes of Rolling Stone magazine. I suppose a publication so enmeshed with the sixties would have trouble letting go of it's desire to appear eternally young n' hip and difficulty growing into responsibility and maturity.

Come to think of it, that's the story of a lot of that generation in a nutshell.

Soccer Dad“Not up to the standards of the national enquirer *UPDATED*” - This week Soccer Dad has a fine time writing about the dinosaur media and the New York Times in particular,contrasting their handling of the factual John Edwards sex scandal story with the treatment of the entirely bogus one about McCain's supposed affair with a female lobbyist.

The Colossus of Rhodey“Great — One More Thing for Which to Blame the Jews.” - Hube's submission this week ponders the age old question: "Why the Jews?"

I think this might provide some food for thought.

Bookworm Room“Who would you want to spend time with” -
Ms. Bookworm has an intriguing piece this week comparing descriptions of McCain's office and Obama's, and what each one reveals about the occupant.

Cheat-Seeking Missiles“Edwards Fesses Up; Let The Games Begin”- Laer Pearce likewise writes a good recap about the ins and outs of the John Edwards sex scandal.(umm..sorry, no pun intended)

The Glittering Eye“Civis Americanus Sum” - Dave Schuler's opus this week contrasts the American perception of world order an dinternational law ( based on what the US largely created after WWII) with the reality of realpolitik, as evidenced by the Russian invasion of Georgia. A fine piece of work, with which I have only small one caveat: Georgia is important to us ( and by us, I mean America) not because of any high minded notions of international law but because no nation can afford to let a fascist aggressor like Russia destroy one of its loyal allies with impunity. It encourages further aggression and makes our other allies question the worth of their own relationship with us, as indeed the Bush Administration's feeble response thus far already has.

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