Thursday, August 07, 2008

Short Takes: Worth noting, 8/07/08

Short takes is my semi-daily way of cramming a lot into a small space for you..kind of like the young gentleman above is doing! Here's a brief rundown of some of today's items of interest for Joshua's Army:

* President Bush took the occasion of his trip to the Olympics to condemn China's human rights policies in some fairly harsh language. This is frankly beyond my understanding unless it was cleared with the Chinese beforehand, as I expect it was.

If you disapprove of someone's behavior, you simply don't go to their parties and hang out with them, and limit your contacts to strictly business, I think. And if you are going to go, simple good manners would seem to demand that you keep your opinions to yourself.

The president seems to wants to have it both ways by tossing off some meaningless rhetoric that isn't matched by his actions. Unfortunately, that's happened a lot with the current occupant of the White House.

* There was a nasty tiff between Iran and the Arab Gulf States as the Gulf Council chief took exception to the Iranian foreign minister's rhetorical attack on the Sunni Arab monarchies in the region.

This is in the context of Iran announcing that if attacked it could 'shut down the Persian Gulf indefinitely.'

*ANN COULTERhas a tremendously funny column about the John Edwards love child brew-ha-ha..and as usual, she makes a serious point about media bias.

* Random House in a disgraceful capitulation to dhimmitude has elected not to publish Sherry Jones’ historical novel “The Jewel of Medina” about then 55-year-old Mohammed’s marriage to his 9 year-old child bride Aisha.The book was supposed to be part of a $100,000 two-book contract with the author. This gutless decision is the Danish Cartoons all over again, and particularly repugnant in a historic American publishing house, even if they are owned by Bertelsmann AG in Germany these days. Absolutely disgusting.

* The Federal judge has denied the defense attorney's request for delayed re-trial in Holy Land case.Judge Solis is fairly ticked off at the defense attorney's delaying tactics, and that's not good for the jihadis. We should see justice done fairly soon, I think.

* So....what happens when you get 26 cheerleaders stuck in elevator?

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