Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Latest McCain Ad...Simply Devastating

This one runs after the Obamassiah finishes his Greek Temple rites tonight.

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Anonymous said...

what i get from this ad is jmac separating himself from everyone.
the audio segments supered over the visual of what i think is recently happened in georgia.
imo, the best sound-bite ad of this presidential election was hillary's 3 am ad. long story short what she says in the ad about the phone call is correct.
imo the people of georgia wasted their dime (generational thing) on the current occupant of the white house. i have not, and will not, get over the georgia incident as is my wont.
what jmac has done is to separate hisself from the current occupant of the white house, as well he should.
in this day and age of digitally recorded soundbites this is just going to be one of the many ads...........that someone with more brains than a sack of hair will pay attention to.