Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can We Call This A 'Lynching' ?

As I reported yesterday, Joe Wilson(R-SC) became the first congressman ever formally rebuked by the House in a vote that was almost entirely on party lines for blurting out 'You lie' when President Obama insisted that his health care bill did not cover illegal aliens.

As it comes out, Speaker Pelosi didn't especially want to go there, but what actually drove the move to have Wilson rebuked by the House was the Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus who insisted their Democrat colleagues fall in line.

Considering that (a) Wilson was factually correct and that this is hardly the first time a sitting president has been called a liar to his face on the House floor,is it OK to use the 'l' word? At least speaking figuratively?

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Yokel said...

Welcome to the weasel words they must use in the UK Parliament, such as "terminological inexactitude"!