Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Louisiana Guv Bobby Jindal Proves He's Not Ready For Prime Time - Again

Sorry, but it is what it is...

“I think that in some circles, (health care) was viewed as a Democratic issue,” said Jindal, who served in top posts at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Bush administration and ran his state’s health department in the ’90s.

Jindal urged congressional Republicans to go to the White House and find common ground with Obama.

“Let’s start anew,” he said they should tell the president. “We’re willing to work with you in a bipartisan way.” are few clues, governor. Please take notes.

  • First, the GOP does have a plan for cutting health care costs and improving affordability. But since it involves stuff like lawsuit reform, help for small businesses,and allowing people to shop across state lines for health insurance, Obama and the Democrats absolutely want no part of it.

  • Second, working with a president whose response to bi-partisan approaches is 'I won' and a Democrat-run Congress whose idea of bi-partisan approaches is locking the other party out of the room ( literally) and shoving bills through via reconciliation is an exercise in futility.

  • And third, any 'bi-partisan' deal the GOP cuts with Obama would of necessity involve selling out to the trial lawyers, the big drug companies, the abortion lobby and the public employee unions..because Obama already owes them on this.

Any bill the leadership of the Democrats would allow to be voted on, let alone signed by the president would involve government run health care, special deals for Big Pharma, no provision to exclude illegal aliens or avoid funding abortions, zero tort reform and huge taxes to pay for it all. It can't be any other way.

Aside from angering the GOP base who are already waiting to see if the Party mans up, a deal with Obama and the Democrats would involve a major sell out of principles and hand Obama a victory he doesn't deserve at the expense of the American people.He needs to be fought tooth and nail.

Back when Jindal gave that incredibly lame reply speech to Obama's State Of The Union, I put his poor performance down to nerves.Obviously it was more than that. And John McCain already has the bi-partisanship-at-all-costs blow up doll franchise covered very nicely, thank you.

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