Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Treat The Dinosaur Media

James O'Keefe is a famous man today. He busted two separate ACORN offices by posing as pimp,getting their eager help in setting up a child prostitution ring including advice on how to scam the IRS, catching the whole thing on tape and then releasing it on Andy Breitbart's new blog, and having it go viral.

Today, he had a few things to say to CNN, who's been pursuing him for an interview. it was so eloquent I just had to quote him:

So far CNN has only reported on the breaking story on blatant ACORN CORRUPTION from angles that attempt to extricate the government funded “community organizing” enterprise from the extreme crime we caught on videotape.

First CNN pushed the false ACORN line that “[t]his film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed.”

To set that record straight please check the Washington D.C. tape we dropped today at, which is also being aired on your cable news competitor with curiously higher ratings.

Now that ACORN lied to you, Jonathan Klein, what are you going to do?

Here’s what I have noticed from your coverage: You brought in the damage control crowd to FRAME the story. Before even airing our damning Baltimore video. You know your audience would turn on ACORN if you showed them the evidence. So instead you put your competitors in journalism in the crosshairs instead of airing a blockbuster report making massive waves elsewhere.

You even trotted out shameless Clinton era apologist Joe Conason to challenge the ETHICS of our expose. Unreal.

What about the ethics of those at ACORN caught on tape trying to help create a brothel featuring illegal immigrant age range 13-15 from El Salvador?

What about the countless laws broken on tape from a group that stands to get billions from President Obama’s “stimulus” package?

Why don’t we wait to have the Columbia Journalism School debate on “journalistic ethics” after you do actual journalism.

When you air the raw ACORN footage that is now viral on the Internet, and being played on FOX NEWS and countless talk radio shows, then and only then — when America can see, hear and smell the stench we have exposed — will I subject myself to a CNN hit job.

This is the perfect way to treat biased so-called 'journalists' nowadays- get your stuff out on the alternative media and don't give them the time of day.

It's curiously apropos that CNN is getting roasted for this. As Eason Jordan revealed before he resigned, CNN slanted coverage and deliberately kept quiet about Saddam Hussein's atrocities to maintain 'access to the story' and they do the same thing today with stories on Hamas,Hezbollah and Fatah.

It's poetic justice that O'Keefe has the balls and integrity to insist on ta least fair and unbiased coverage before he's even willing to let CNN in the game.

Oh, and by the way,this story and all the other arrests has already had an impact.The White House announced suddenly that the Census Department has severed all links with ACORN for the 2010 census.And Congressman Charles Boustany of Louisiana is calling for a formal investigation of ACORN.

ACORN still has $5 billion of our tax money courtesy of the obscene 'stimulus', and many of their operatives may very well be employed clandestinely in the census.

But it's a victory to see this stuff finally coming to light, and hopefully there will be more coming.


Anonymous said...

Eason Jordan never claimed or insinuated that CNN slanted coverage or that he was trying to "maintain 'access to the story' ", so why do you put this in quotes?
This is not a quote he used. You don't even reference the actual source....a NY Times op-ed letter.

Here is the direct quote: "Each time I visited, I became more distressed by what I saw and heard -- awful things that could not be reported because doing so would have jeopardized the lives of Iraqis, particularly those on our Baghdad staff."

Sloppy work on your part. If you cite the letter, cite the letter, do not slant it and misrepresent it.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous,
For one thing, I did not cite Jordan's sleazy Op-Ed because it was sheer, self-serving BS.

Of of course he would slant it to attribute noble motives to himself and CNN.

I simply made a statement that he revealed CNN deliberately slanted coverage and concealed his atrocities - which is a fact.

And they do the same thing today.

Please read more carefully in future before commenting - sloppy work on your part, I'm afraid.

This is hardly uncommon with the Dinosaur media. Walter Duranty, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for Pravda-on-the-Hudson (the aforementioned NYT)knew about Stalin's atrocities and the artificially created Ukraine Famine
but kept quiet about it for the same reason while writing glowing reports about the Worker's Paradise.

MSM icon Edward R. Murrow knew about Duranty's duplicity but kept quiet about it - while millions starved. That's one reason Hitler and the Nazis were greeted as liberator's when they invaded the Ukraine.

And speaking of sloppy..let's remember why Eason Jordan actually was made to resign. It was because he lied and shot his mouth off at the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum in 2005, claiming US troops were deliberately targeting and murdering journalists in Iraq.

That claim made him a big man in certain circles, but there wasdn't a shred of proof and when no less than Leftist Democrat Barney Frank
demanded Jordan and CNN produce, Jordan was made to quit.

Eason Jordan is a lying turd with the ethics somewhere south of a crack dealer, and the truth was not in him.

I question why you or anyone else would defend him.


Anonymous said...

Ouch FF,
I think that's gonna leave a mark!