Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fumbler-In-Chief

"We're in trouble with this joker and no mistake!" - Willie Keith, talking to Exec Maryk about Captain Queeg during the typhoon in "The Caine Mutiny"

President Obama's performance last week at the UN and the G-20 summit has to be unique in American history.

The president of the United states, the leader of the Free World went onstage before an audience mainly composed of third world despots at the UN and provided the world with a reprise of his Lap-Dance-of-The Seven-Veils speech in Cairo earlier this year.

But like any good show-biz act, he knew he had to deliver more to keep his audience interested.

He made it clear that in his view, America is to blame for the world's ills and he was there to apologize and abase himself. He let the approving audience know that he rejects any notion of American exceptionalism, and even American sovereignty over its own destiny.

He then proceeded to throw our ally Israel to the wolves to prove how sincere and hip he was about it all.

Later, he chaired a UN Security Council meeting and came up with a boffo resolution attempting to outlaw nuclear weapons.

To those of you who think this was a brilliant, principled action, riddle me this: when have international attempts to ban weaponry ever been successful?

I'll save you the trouble of digging...the answer is never.

The so-called international community has been trying to ban advances in weaponry ever since the days of the crossbow, and have always failed dismally because in a war, countries will always opt for winning a war over losing one. The technological genie never gets put back in the lamp.

Just before WWI, every European country solemnly pledged not to use poison gas as a war weapon...until the Germans were losing on the Western front and decided it would help them win. Ditto for the submarine.

Obama's resolution is exactly the same kind of naive pinhead thinking. And at least one world leader, France's Sarkozy, had the courage to label it that way.

When the French are packing more equipment than an American President, it's downright embarrassing.

But wait, there's more.

This week, it came out that Iran has a secret nuclear facility near Qoms. Actually they have a number of secret facilities, as I pointed out some time ago, which is why I consider this a colossal non-story, but what was really worth observing was Obama's reaction:

Obama's still rambling on about non-proliferation as if the Iranians are going to suddenly give up their nukes because he says so, and once again he announces his commitment to engagement and though the Iran haven't just punked him out one more time. In a word, he's pathetic.

Even more revealing was this bit, when Obama was caught without a teleprompter at the G-20 summit and unwittingly revealed his real thoughts on the matter:

Yes, Obama's not interested in victory over Iran. And Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have known for some time exactly whom they're dealing with.

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