Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's Must Reads, Manic Monday Edition

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..

  • New York Post:The Latest ACORN prostitution Bust - New York City

  • James O'Keefe/Big Government The ACORN Prostitution Scandal In NYC more at Cold Fury, Weasel Zippers, Michelle Malkin

  • Ace Of Spades: : Obama Administration: Hey, Joe Wilson was kind of right about that lying thing after all

  • Randall Hoven/American Thinker: : Just Words

  • WSJ: Fact checking The President On Health Insurance

  • Jake Tapper/ABC :President Obama to Address Wall Street as support for healthcare reform slides

  • Dr Marc Siegel/USA Today : My medical oath requires no government oversight

  • Byron York/DC Examiner : Inside the 9/12 protests

  • New York Post: GOP reportedly pushing Giuliani to run for Senator

  • Hugh Hewitt:sweeping changes in campaign finance laws

  • The Hill: GOP Moderate Snowe say Obama should scrap the public option to pass health care reform So does senator Susan Collins (obviously, they've been listening to their constituents)

  • CNN :Dem Senator Tom Harkin - There will be a public option

  • Jennifer Rubin / Pajamas Media: Obama Administration Stonewalls Civil Rights commission Inquiry On Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case

    Victor Davis Hanson The Lamentations of the Elite - Has Obama made things better or worse for America's race relations?

  • Bloomberg: Hugo Chavez to develop nuclear energy with Russian help welcome to Iran west...

  • Jerusalem Post: Venezuela to get $2.2 Billion in Russian arms

  • AFP :Bin Laden - US support for Israel led to 9/11

  • CNN : Obama 'Powerless'

  • Gerald Posner/Daily Beast : Mohammed Atta's successor

  • Diana West : Al-Qaeda's more dangerous safe havens

  • Barry Rubin/TNR: The arrogance of the advice-givers on the Middle East

  • Michael Freund/Jerusalem Post:Forget normalization - Saudi Arabia steps up boycott of Israel

  • David Horovitz Netanyahu's Tactical Victories

  • Melanie Phillips :Neville Chamberlain was a far sighted hero compared to this

  • WAPO :Obama gives Afghan detainees right to challenge detention, have military legal advisers

  • Andrew McCarthy:
    Would Obama Really Fight the War in Afghanistan?

  • Janet Levy/American Thinker : Hijra -Modern Day Trojan Horse..The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration

  • Simon Parry/Daily Mail : The ghost fleet of the recession

  • Amos Harel/Ha'aretz : Iran is wasting the West's time

  • Telegraph : Iran snubs Obama's nuclear talks

  • BBC:Putin warns against Iran attack, opposes sanctions

  • WAPO:Iran's non-response - Can Obama deliver on tough sanctions?/a>


    louielouie said...

    from the cnn artilcle about bin ladin,
    along with some other grievances

    yeah, like we're alive.
    that's certainly one of the reasons the ra......, ra......., islamists did it.

    B.Poster said...

    So Vladimir Putin warns against an attack on Iran. First of all there is absolutely zero possibility of a US first strike on Iran. The real risk is an Iranian attack on American interests or on the American homeland. What he really needs to be doing is warning against an attack on America. This is what he would be doing if he were serious about peace.

    Also, Russia recently disemboweled Georgia, a country that posed a far less threat to Russia than what Iran poses to America or Israel. By telling the Americans they cannot defend themselves Mr. Putin is acting hypocritically. while I realize he is the most powerful person on earth today, someone still should have the courage to point this out to him.

    With the additional Russian arms supplies to Venezueala, Venezuela will soldify the position it already holds as the most powerful conventional military on this side of the world. Since there is no possibility of an American attack on it, this build up must be for other purposes. Perhaps to attack American interests or perhaps one day the United States itself.

    Its interesting how the media constantly bemoans the NATO presence in former Soviet countries but they ignore Russia's far more massive presence in and build up of America's enemies. There is no doubt that Russian actions play a role in decisions the Americans make and vice versa. The media would have us believe that this happens in a vacum or that Russian actions are solely as a result of American "imperialism." Such small minded and hypocritical thinking by the media is unhelpful in solving real problems. They are either idiots or they are Mr. Putin's toadies. I think it is the latter.

    If Aemrica is going to survive it must do a better job at getting its message accross to the world. If America's enemies are allowed to play one against zero in the information arena, this is not going to end well for the United States or any allies it may have.