Thursday, September 10, 2009

Proof The GOP Is Mostly Still A Collection Of Spineless Eunuchs

Want proof that the Republican Party still hasn't got its groove back? The story of South Carolina GOP Congressman Joe Wilson provides it.

During President Obama's little speech last night, he made a point of saying that if people told lies about ObamaCare "we will call you out."

But then, when the Prevaricator -In-Chief came out with the blatant lie ( among many ) that the Democrat's bill won't cover illegal aliens, Congressman Wilson burst out "You lie!"

Certainly the fit hit the shan after that one.

You would expect the Democrats to go crazy after that, but so did a number of Republicans, who criticized Wilson for his disrespect and lack of decorum. Prominent among them was (of course) John McCain.

Wilson himself showed what he was made of by calling the White house to apologize. Of course Obama himself didn't deign to take the call...the congressman had to bow down and pucker up to Rahm Emanuel.

Let's examine this in detail.

First of all, who was in fact lying?
It was undeniably Obama. The proposed bill does NOT exclude illegal aliens, who make up a substantial percentage of the oft quoted 41 million uninsured. HR 3200, the House version of Obamacare, mandates that all individuals in the United States—including illegal aliens are to be covered by health insurance and allows them to participate in the "healthcare exchanges." It also contains a provision that makes it illegal for anyone to check citizenship status for any person seeking healthcare. And that's deliberate, because it's a political plum tossed at Obama's Latino supporters like La Raza, and as I've mentioned before is likely a lead in to eventual amnesty. Given the Democrat party's wack job wing's position on amnesty, I doubt Obama could even get a bill passed that specifically excluded illegal aliens.

Nor was that the only lie Obama told last night.Even the AP, in a flying pigs moment cataloged a number of them. And even they didn't mention Obama's forked tongue on death panels and rationing

It seems to me that if you're going to stand before the US Congress and thump your chest about how you're going to call out anyone who lies about your government run healthcare plans, you ought to be man enough to actually confront someone who questions what you're saying. A statement after the speech on how the bill will specifically not cover illegal aliens followed by an amendment stating this attached to the bill would have done this nicely.

Instead, we had the spectacle of watching the president retreat sullenly into hurt feelings and allow his surrogates to beat up on Wilson for 'disrespect to the office.' He wasn't even man enough to take a phone call accepting an apology.

The White House has already begun to punish Wilson, having their minions bombard his website and seeing to it that Rob Miller (no relation) Wilson's prospective Democrat challenger is going to get all the money he needs.

And about that 'disrespect'. Let's go back in time a little bit, shall we?

I was not a fan of President George W. Bush, but does anyone recall how the Democrats behaved while he was in office? The respect they showed him, for example, at all of his State of the Union speeches, where they booed him and yelled at him and sat on their hands? The 2006 one, where the only time the Democrats applauded was sarcastically to acclaim themselves for blocking President Bush's attempts at Social Security reform?

Does anybody remember a single Democrat apologizing for that kind of behavior or for any of the blatant disrespect they showed Bush during his entire two terms in office?

The late Senator Kennedy called President Bush a liar to his face in front of the entire Senate. Did Kennedy ever apologize?

Nor is this kind of behavior anything new. I'm about two thirds of the way through President Reagan's recently published White House diaries and they behaved with only slightly less disrespect to him, and that was only because he was such a popular and beloved figure to the vast majority of the American people.

Actually, I give the Democrats some credit here. They understand that politics is war by another means and act accordingly, with one set of conduct for them and another for Republicans. Even better, they appear to have Republicans going along with it.

Those GOP members who criticized Wilson for simply stating a fact are a bunch of moral cowards, and Wilson is unfortunately one as well for apologizing. he missed a perfect opportunity to hold a press conference and itemize in detail exactly where he thought the president was lying.

Indeed, this would be a perfect time for Minority Leader Boehner or even better, head of the RNC Michael Steele to say that the GOP has not been invited to the White House to discuss health care policy with Obama since April, and Obama's speech made it clear that this policy was going to continue, so Wilson's outburst was not only substantially correct but represented about the only input he was going to be allowed to have for his constituents. You could then detail every one of Obama's blatant lies during his speech and direct people to the GOP's plan for healthcare as given on their website.

Instead, they all just cringed.

If this is the sort of opposition to Obama we can expect out of the Republicans, perhaps its time to retire the Elephant and move on to something new. I hesitate to say that,because I understand that a schism could very well result in the abomination of a second Obama term in office.

But if this is the sort of quality `leadership' the Republicans are going to provide, are they even worth supporting? Perhaps its time to start thinking about biting that bullet.


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B.Poster said...

I agree wholeheartedly. It may be time to think about biting the bullet and forming a new party. Why is it Republicans apologize even when they tell the truth. This does not seem to be any thing new. For example, I remember when Republican Party head Micheal Steele pointed out that Rush Limbaugh is simply a pundit who can sometimes be "mean and Incinderary." (At least I think those were the exact words Mr. Steele used.) Mr. Steele told the truth, yet he still felt compelled to apologize the other day.

If one party the Democrats can fight with no holds barred and the other one the Republicans have to show restraint, how can they expect to win? The same applies to our foreign enemies. They are allowed to fight with every thing they have and to use whatever means at their disposal to win, yet we are viciously smeared if we do something as simple as waterboarding!! How is a country that cannot or will not take basic means to defend itself or to protect its interests or expand its influence supposed to survive, let alone thrive. There is a saying in business, "if you are not growing, you are dying." I think the same thing applies to nation/states. American influence is holding pat in some places while declining in others. All the while, Russian, Chinese, and Arab influence is growing accross the board. How long can the United States in particular and the West in general survive given these conditions? Unless they are reversed and new policies adopted, the US probably has two maybe three more years as a major power and it will be overtaken by its enemies within ten years. I pray these policies will be reversed. Better leadership is clearly needed.

From the actions of Mr. Wilson and the other Republicans, the current Republican party does not appear to be the leadership we need. The Democrats do not seem to be what we need either. Perhaps the sooner we can establish a third party to establish these bozos the better.