Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's Solution For Illegal Aliens Getting Healthcare: Legalize them All !

Si, se puede!

The arrogance of this president is simply unbelievable.

First, he lied and said the bill didn't cover illegal aliens when it clearly did...and now he comes up with a grand solution to solve the problem - let's just legalize them all!

According to the Washington Times story, he apparently also wants extend welfare benefits to illegal aliens as well.

Just the fact that the President of the United States supports this will likely cause a spike in the border traffic when it's reported down there, as I guarantee you it will be. But that's nothing compared to what we'll see if this president gets his agenda through.

Remember this one?

I don't demonize the people involved...if I were living in Mexico I'd be over the border as fast as I get here. But Obama's irresponsibility and sense of himself merit nothing but contempt.


Shakes The Clown said...

I don't blame them for jumping the border either, but that doesn't mean we can afford to pay for it. I am with you on that.

I think that this is going to backfire in a big way on the President.

Anonymous said...

I ceetainly don't demonize them but I am critical of them. Rather than seek to solve Mexico's problems they bring Mexico's problems here. America has enough problems without bringing Mexico's problems here. Furthermore money earned here by illegals and legals alike is sent back to Mexico where much of it is used to help prop up a coorupt government. America needs to secure its borders. This is in the best interests of both Mexico and America. There needs to be a moratorium on immigration to America from all countries for a minimum of ten years and an indefinite moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries. The ten year moratorium will give those here time to assimilate and we will have the space necessary to reform our immigration system. While the moratorium is in place, we may be able to use some type of guest worker program to get any skilled workers we need. Other countries do this. Perhaps something like this can work for us.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello, Anonymous.
There are a great many things wrong with your proposal, aside from the fact it trashes one of the principles this country was founded on.Let me give you some hypotheticals:

1) A Coptic Christian family from Egypt desperately wants to come to America to escape dhimmi status in their own country.

2) A young man from El Salvador seeks to earn his citizenship by joining our military.

3) A US-educated Muslim engineer from Pakistan who speaks fluent English, has a company here that wants to hire him and is willing to help him apply for an H-1B visa. He wants wants his two daughters to grow up in a country where women are given freedom and treated with respect.

4)A Chinese businessman with substantial capital from Hong Kong and his family want to emigrate so that he can establish his business here and raise his family in a free society.

5)A group of Cuban refugees land in Florida on a homemade raft and plead to be allowed to stay.To send them back is a death sentence.

Assuming these people pass the health and background checks, do you really want to keep any of them from coming to America?

There are a great many other ways to accomplish the goal I think you want. Don't confuse legal immigration and illegal aliens. Two different issues.

What I really think you want is secured borders, much more rigid background checks (a perhaps a 'points' system similar to Australia's) on legal immigrants,
and a formula for registering and vetting the illegal aliens here so we can decide who stays and who goes.

Many of them are decent, hard working people who deserve a chance to become Americans.

The chaos and laxness in our immigration policies that repels you, BTW,is largely due to one man,the late Senator Ted Kennedy.