Friday, September 18, 2009

Eastern European Allies Seething At Obama's Betrayal

The above Polish headline translates, more or less as: "We were naive...The USA sold us to the Russians and stabbed us in the back!"

That's pretty much the right of it.

I continue to be amused by Obamabots like the Politico's Ben Smith who want to paint this as some kind of bold diplomatic coup by Prez Zero and whose only question is what Obama horse traded our allies in Eastern Europe for.

Here's the answer Ben..N O T H I N G. And that comes right out of the Russians' own mouths.

And why should they give up anything? Even if Obama got some kind of clandestine commitment out of them, why should they bother keeping it? They've already made their position public and already got what they wanted from Obama for free!

Every nation in the old Soviet Empire has just been placed on notice that they're on their own, and they had better make whatever accommodations they can with the Bear. It's a shameful betrayal and an horrendous display of weakness that will cost us dearly.

And don't think out other allies and our enemies aren't taking notice

It's one thing to whore yourself out. It's quite another to do it and not even get paid for it.

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