Sunday, September 06, 2009

NBC's Meet The Press Blames The Van Jones Resignation On - The Internet!

Some jokes just write themselves.NBC's tame, castrato singing gerbils blame Van Jones' problems on "the open sewer of internet disinformation"

Jim Hoff over at Gateway, who's done terrific work on this story presents the unintended comedy:

Guess what, gerbils? Since YOU won't report the news because it tarnishes your precious Obamessiah, we're filling the gap.Nature abhors a vacuum, especially when the truth is concerned. You see, the real sewer is over at the dinosaur media and especially at the alphabet networks.Talk about willful disinformation!

Or perhaps you like the idea of a racist,cop killer advocate and self-proclaimed communist sitting in DC.Perhaps it's that.

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B.Poster said...

There is obviously something more to this than meets the eyes. While the internet is a source of news, most Americans still get their news from the main stream news. Also, we've been told from the time the internet began about how unreliable it can be. There is no one over 10 years old who possesses an IQ above 50 who is going to reach a conclusion based soley on what aomeone on the internet says.

With that said there are some commentators on the web who have proven reliable and what they say might be accepted at face value. But again not enough people get their political news from the internet for this to make much of a difference here.

Some have blamed Fox News, however, this would be inaccurate. Fox News simply is not large enough to have brought about the resignation of Mr. Jones. Also, Glenn Beck, while he does have a small but enthusiatic following he does not have the kind of influence that would be necessary to bring down an Obama Administration official.

As such, there has to be something else going on here. You're spot on that this does not look good on the part of the Administration. For a man who is more humble than Mr. Obama we could simply say that he is human but Mr. Obama and his allies have built him up as something more than that. This doesn't look good at all. Our foreign enemies are no doubt laughing hysterically at him and us.