Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah Palin's Book 'An Unprecedented Success'

Not even in the stores yet, but already at the top of the charts at both Amazon and Barnes and Nobel 48 days out from its actual release date of November 14th. It's apparently the only non-fiction book ever to accomplish such a feat in pre-order.

And her publisher is already gearing up for Way Huge Mega Sales:

Two days after the release date of Sarah Palin’s book was announced, it's already become the top seller at both and

Palin’s publisher announced Monday that the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential candidate had finished her memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life," early and was moving the release date up from the spring to November 17. {...}

HarperCollins will print 1.5 million copies for the book’s first run, the same number that was printed for late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s memoir "True Compass."

Kennedy’s book, published earlier this month, currently stands at number six on the Amazon list.

A publishing industry source told POLITICO that they "cannot remember a non-fiction book taking off like this in the pre-order market. It became number one only a couple of hours after nothing more than a date announcement. It is truly unprecedented."

Much of the 400-page book is based on journals Palin kept during her vice-presidential run.

Palin collaborated on the book with Lynn Vincent, a San Diego-based writer who has co-written several books and was previously a features writer for World magazine, a conservative Christian publication.

Not bad, Guv.Not bad at all.

This is her chance to tell her side of the story and talk directly to the American people, and I think she's going to make the most of it.

The popping sound you hear is the sound of the Angry Left's collective heads exploding.

Trig Birther nut and Zionist conspiracy theorist Andrew Sullivan is all over this as you might expect, and Mad King Chuckie over at Little Green Footballs (sorry, no links for either of these creatures) is absolutely frothing over the fact that Palin's collaborator is *gasp!* a CHRISTIAN...which in Chuckie's mind means she must of course be raa-aaa-cist.

Of course, that's one of the big reasons both Chuckie and Sully have such a lunatic hatred for her.

The vile attacks on a plain spoken, decent woman from Alaska and her family by the cretins on the Left is simply a reflection of how deeply they fear her. As I predicted, targeting her and her family and driving her out of office is the worst mistake they ever made.

For Sarah Palin, this opens up a number of possibilities. If the book sells as well as it appears it will, she can begin negotiating for another more in depth one a bit closer to election time, hitting the talk radio circuit, building her national organization making speeches around the country and piling up IOU's by fundraising for Republicans..which could be a very nice lead in for her to 2012, ala' Reagan in 1980. After four years of Prez Zero, I have a feeling she's going to look awfully appealing.


Right Truth said...

I already have my copy pre-ordered. Between her and Glenn Beck, they have the top seller list covered. There can be only one reason why the Left hates Palin so much -- they are AFRAID of her. They would never attack McCain this way, they never feared that old RINO.

I'm going to enjoy watching her rise, their fall, and Conservatism increasing again.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

louielouie said...

all of that is well and good, but can she read from stereo teleprompters?
or is that stereo telepromter?