Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama Rolls Snake Eyes

I couldn't believe we needed a joint session of Congress for this.

The days when Obama could defy logic, confound reason and bedazzle the masses are well and truly over.

Nothing much new here, except the strident tone in front of Congress with phrases like "Misinformation," "bogus claims," "scare tactics," "such a charge would be laughable" and "it is a lie plain and simple". Characterizing dissent and resistance to his desires as 'bickering.'

And oh, just as an aside, the president's correct when he says that there are lies being told about death panels and rationing. What he doesn't mention is that the lies are coming from him, as usual.

Usually Obama saves that kind of nasty pique for the True Believers at places like AFL-CIO meetings and doesn't exhibit it in prime time. Not tonight, and it didn't play all that well.

Did you see the laughter when Obama said, with all seriousness "There are some details to be worked out" ? Barry kind of half way smiled, but I bet he was seething inside.And in truth, the only 'details to be worked out' are the ones between him and the Democrat leadership on how to shove this through and whom to lean on.

From the way Obama is talking, I think he has come to a rather fateful decision.Rather than actually try to come to any kind of consensus, he's going to try to pull out all the stops to push this through.

He's going to unleash Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi to try and threaten, cajole and bribe any reluctant Donkeys to take one for the team. He wants them, essentially, to risk their seats for him and he's putting them in an impossible position

If they do, many of them will be toast. The majority of seniors now realize that Zero plans to pay part of the obscene cost of the healthcare bill on their backs by cutting some $622 billion from Medicare and Medicaid over the next 10 years. They will vote against anyone who supports this in droves.

And if these congressmen don't vote for Obamacare, Obama and Rahm Emanuel will see to it that there's retribution when it comes to DNC money, committee assignments and other perks. As Obama once said to a Democrat congressman who voted against the so-called stimulus, "Don't think we're not keeping score."

The Congressional Dems are already getting heat from back home for a 'stimulus' that's actually increased unemployment and for cap n' tax, now stalled in the senate. There's no way they can take the additional heat for ObamaCare, carrying water for a president with sharply declining popularity.

For that matter, Obama's in a no-win position as well. If he jams this through, the GOP has a superb issue to run on and its the one thing that could end the Democrats congressional majority next year.

If he falls on his face and he can't get the votes to pass this, he's likewise toast.

The smart thing for Zero to do tonight would have been to be conciliatory, to reach out to the GOP and Conservative Democrats, put the rancor behind him and signal his openness to consensus on getting a health care reform bill together that the American people could live with.

Instead, he chose to behave like an arrogant punk.."The time for action is now. No more discussion! no attention to that little man behind the curtain!"

All of which goes to prove something I've often commented on.For all his supposed intellectual prowess, the current occupant of the White House simply isn't all that bright.

At least when it comes to anything remotely involving common sense.


louielouie said...

i'm so glad that ff soils hisself to watch/listen to this bilge so we don't have to.

"Don't think we're not keeping score."

is that a double negative?
did he get that from a tele-prompter?

Freedom Fighter said...

It truly was ghastly.

As for the line you mentioned, that was before TOTUS 1 committed suicide or was assassinated.

Maybe Rahm had something to do with it or TOTUS' demands had gotten too excessive.

B.Poster said...

I think your last sentence pretty much nails it. The smart thing for the President to do would be to work on things that might actually improve the economy.

The health care issure is a problem for him becuase, while most Americans realize there are problems with our health care systeme that need to be addressed, most Americans are largely satisified with their over all health care coverage. As such, they are reluctant to support something that would completely scrap the system that most of them are relatively satisfied with.

In addition, he has shown a willingness to continue fighting in Afghanistan. He and his team should work on doing things that will actually improve the fighting capabilities of American and Allied forces, as well as their intellegence capabilities.

Of course to do these things would require a President who is in tune with the electorate. If Congress is given a choice between him and getting reelected, I think they are going to choose reelection.
I can't see where he's done any thing for Congressmen and Congresswomen that would lead them to be willing to sacrifice their careers for him. Perhaps I'm missing something.

Finally, if the economy improves markedly in the coming months, Mr. Obama will probably face less resistance to health care reform and any other issue that he may wish to get passed. For better or worse it really is all about the economy.

B.Poster said...

I'd like to know whose lying? If someone is lying about the President's agenda, he has most of the main stream media on his side. As such, he should be able to easily refute any misinformation that might be put out by his opponents.

This is in contrast to George W. Bush who had most of the main stream media against him. This made it very difficult for him to get his message out. Mr. Obama does not have this problem.