Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Honduras Independance Day

Today is the 188th birthday of the Republic Of Honduras. (Click above for their national anthem). They've always been friends to this country and I hope the people of Honduras understand that there are a great many Americans who think they've been treated despicably by the current administration in Washington.

¡Viva el pueblo y el de la Rep├║blica de Honduras! Let freedom ring!


B.Poster said...

I certainly stand with Honduras and I do think they are being treated despicably by the current Administration. I hope they understand that it really isn't America who is running the show here. It is Hugo Chavez and his cronies. I suppose the next move is up to Mr. Chavez. If he wants to use his potent military force to restore his man to power, he certainly can. There is little to nothing that America can do about it even if it was willing to do something about it.

Presumably the huge arms sales from Russia to Venezuela are so Russia's ally can handle things like this. The arms shipments are certainly not for defense purposes as Venezuela faces no enemies in Central or South America of any consequence and America is to busy with its own issues to pose any threat even if it wanted to.

Anonymous said...

I miss the Monroe Doctrine.