Friday, September 25, 2009

Today's Must reads - Fantastic Friday Edition

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..

  • Politico:NEA communications director resigns after propaganda phone call

  • Instapundit: NEA SpokesKommisar Yosi Sargent has resigned

  • Andy McCarthy/NRO:Obama to give $400,000 in taxpayer funds to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi's two children

  • Dallas Morning News:FBI arrests Jordanian in Dallas bomb plot

  • Reuters:Illinois Muslim arrested in plot to bomb federal offices

  • Reuters : North Carolina suspects targeted Marine base at Quantico

  • Con Coughlin/Telegraph :Diplomacy won't stop Iran's bomb building

  • WAPO:Iran caught with second secret nuke plant

  • Foreign Policy : Obama ordered Generals Petreaus and McChrystal to 'scrub' assessments on Afghanistan

  • Laura Rozen: Experts weigh in on Iran enrichment

  • Ron Radosh/Pajamas media: Did Barack Obama write "Dreams of my Father?"

  • Gallup : Seniors lean against Obama's healthcare plan

  • Ann Coulter :Liberal lies about healthcare, #5 in a series

  • Mark Steyn :Dislike Obama? You must be racist!

  • Las vegas review-Journal : Reid Blocks ACORN probe

  • ACE:Obama administration moves to obscure ACORN, Union ties

  • Newsbusters:
    Breitbart Blasts MSM on ACORN Coverage; Reveals Defense Fund Initiative

  • WAPO: Obama's Deal With Big Pharma Stays

  • Jennifer Rubin/Commentary : Netanyahu's Speech for the Ages

  • WAPO :White House regroups On Guantanamo

  • Pajamas Media Obama and ACORN- a love story

  • Washington Times:ACORN to sue Breitbart, filmamkers

  • FOX:Treasury Agrees to Formal Review Of ACORN

  • The Other Mccain : Mckenzie Phillips- Too Much Information

  • IowaHawk : Earn Big $$$ The NEA Way!

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