Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's Must Reads...Titillating Tuesday Edition

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at rmill2k@msn.com and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..

  • Pajamas Media:NEA renamed National Endowment for propaganda

  • Andrew Klaven/City Journal:The Art of Corruption

  • My Pet Jawa:Astroturfing the NEA - David Axelrod's firm involved

  • Rob Miller/Joshuapundit :Obama and the NEA - Corruption As Art

  • Bill Roggio/Long War Journal : McCrystal to resign if not given resources for Afghanistan

  • Ralph Peters: Afghan agony: More troops won't help

  • Leslie Gelb/WSJ Obama's befuddling Afghanistan policy

  • Victor Davis Hanson/NRO : Two-front wars - theirs and ours

  • Roberto Micheletti/ WAPO : Moving forward in Honduras

  • WSJ: : Obama's Honduras Obsession

  • Melanie Phillips: : Groundhog Day In Europe

  • Mark Steyn: Video - Obama helping Putin re-stitch the Iron Curtain

  • Barry Rubin : The Obama doctrine - Force Your friends to give in, bribe your enemies

  • Hot Air:Exclusive - CBO predicts Social Security cash deficits in 2010-11

  • Yahoo News : Lebanese 'Madoff' rips off Hezbollah to the tune of $500M !

  • Amir Mizroch /Jerusalem Post :Why everyone is saying no to Obama

  • John Fund/WSJ Acorn Who? Obama heads for the high grass

  • Andrew Hasset/Bloomberg: As ACORN falls, Democrats would be wise to duck

  • Michelle Malkin : Inside SEIU President Andy Stern's culture of corruption

  • Arizona Republic: Congressman attends fundraiser for group accused of terrorist ties

  • Investor's Business daily:Whyis Obama's justice department hunting th egood guys?

  • Jeffrrey Goldberg/The Atlantic : The Lucrative Business of Israel Bashing

  • Michael Ledeen: The Death Spiral of the Islamic Republic

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