Friday, September 11, 2009

Some People Simply Don't Understand "No!"

The US, the other four UN Security Council members plus Germany are reportedly trying to set up an early meeting with Iran to discuss Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Are they deaf as well as stupid? Both Khamenei and Ahmadinejad have already said numerous times that when it comes to Iran's nuclear program, there's nothing to discuss.It's over.

And the Russians have already announced they won't support any additional sanctions anyway, so what more is there left to discuss?

If I were the Iranians, I'd have contempt for us too.


B.Poster said...

The Iranians certainly have nothing to be afraid when they think about America. Iran's Russian and Chinese backed military is vastly superior to any thing America has right now. As such, the Iranians are almost certain to prevail in any military conflict with America. Surely American and Iranian military commanders and the leaders of both countries know this to be true. As such, they act accordingly.

I've already suggested what I would do. Withdraw all forces from the Middle East and redeploy them to the borders. At least this way we might have a fighting chance to defend ourselves. Develop more of our own oil and gas reserves and build more refineries. This would give us more leverage in negotiations.

Without a viable military option, no leverage in potential negotiations, and a Government that lacks the moral confidence in the country to actual defend it, its not hard to understand why America has been essentially reduced to begging.

Freedom Fighter said...

*sigh* Poster,it's not a lack of options. It's a lack of will.

As for your idea of deploying troops to the borders..well, a reporter once asked General MacArthur about his definition of a defensive war.

His one word reply? "Defeat" .

B.Poster said...

I agree if you deploy all of your troops to the border this may be construed that way. Also, when one only plays defense, one eventually will lose. Perhaps redeploying to our borders will give us a chance to regain our bearings and allow us a fighting chance to defend ourselves in the mean time.

The lack of will may be true. I wrote a lengthy post in reply to your excellent post about remembering 911. It is my considered opinion that a significant minority of Americans lack moral confidence in the nation. As such, it is going to be extremely difficult to muster the will to do what needs to be done.

I should point out that the military commanded by General MacArthur was much stronger relative to its adversaries than the one America has today is. This will no doubt affect decision making.

B.Poster said...

Another suggestion that I would make would be to upgrade and expand the nuclear arsenal. This along with good border security, while it be a defenseive war, has the chance to make our country VERY DIFFICULT to overcome. As such, our enemies might focus on easier feasts elsewhere. Also, I think doing this would be less expensive than what we are currently doing and it would be more effective. We need to fight with more determination and we need to fight smarter.

Presumably most of our troops signed on to defend America. As such, I would expect them to be HIGHLY MOTIVATED to defend our borders and to enforce stricter immigration standards.

B.Poster said...

I'm glad you brought up General MacArthur!! He was truly one of the best!! I marvel at how God has blessed our country with great leadership in times past when we have faced a crisis.

Hopefully he will do so again. In order to ensure that God will help us here, I think we need to a return to our founding principles principles. Our country was founded on the Judeo-Christian pricniples that permeate both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scripture. Our country once conducted its domestic and foreign affairs based upon these principles. Our citizens once related to the Government based on these principles and our Government once related to its citizens based on those principles. These principles were taught in the schools and parents raised their children based upon these principles.

As a Christian who believes strongly in these principles and the God who had His servants write down these principles, it is hard for me to imagine God continuing to bless us as a country when we, as a nation, have largely turned our backs on these principles.

Return to our founding principles and I believe God will raise up men like General MacArthur in these trying times. The enemies we face today are far more dangerous than the ones he and his generation had to face.

Btw, I studied a bit of the Korean war. There was a time when it looked like almost certain defeat for America. Due in large part to the unyielding determination of General MacArthur we were able to salvage something out of the situation. North Korea has been a perpetual thorn in our side. I can only imagine how bad it would have been for us had North Korea completely defeated us. Thank God for men like General MacArthur. May he rest in peace.