Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today's Must Reads, 9/08/09

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at rmill2k@msn.com and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..

  • Wes Pruden : : A Crucial Week For The President's Teleprompter

  • Big Hollywood: Who set up Obama Administration 'propaganda' conference call with NEA? Newly Revealed White House, NEA Audio Contradict
  • This concerns an attempt by the White House to 'leverage' National Endowment for the Arts grantees to push obama's political agenda using tax dollars. More at Breitbart

  • Rhymes With Right : The Text Of The Speech Is Out

  • Byron York :When Bush Spoke To Students, Democrats Investigated, Held Hearings
  • more at Powerline , sister Toldjah , and Cold Fury

  • Conor Friedersdorf, The Daily Beast : Keep Presidents Out of the Classroom!

  • Mark Steyn There'll be a test afterwards

  • Thomas Sowell: Listening To A Liar

  • CNN : Laura Bush Praises Obama Decries 'excessive partisanship'

  • Dr. RICHARD B. RAFALL, WSJ: A Doctor's Plan for Legal Industry Reform

  • Byron York: Why did the press ignore the Van Jones Scandal?

  • John McWhorter/The New Republic: Dumping Van Jones - Why give in to Republican's tantrums?

  • The Hill :23 Dems say will not vote for ObamaCare as Congress returns

  • Mere Rhetoric: Human Rights Watch's anti-Israel investigator a Nazi-obsessed collector?
  • more at Harry's Place

  • Ralph Peters:Obama Sides With Chavez and Castro vs. democracy

  • Christopher Hitchens : The Long War on Islamic Terrorism

  • Diana West : Breaking out of The Afghanistan trap

  • Andrew McCarthy/NRO Policy: Go to War to Defend Interests, Not for 'Democracy'

  • David Aaronovitch/London Times : A return to complacency on terrorism

  • Israel National News : Islamists targeting Germany for next 9/11 "within weeks"

  • Caroline Glick:Video - Caroline Glick on th emyth of the two-state solution

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