Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Caroline Glick On The Fallacy Of "The Two State Solution"

The Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick debunks the myth quite well.

Riddle me this: The MidEast refugee crisis ( both Jewish and Arab) was caused in 1948 when the Arab states illegally attempted to invade Israel and massacre every Jew there. It was exacerbated when Jordan attacked Israel in 1967.

So why exactly is it Israel's responsibility alone to give up land to solve it?

As Caroline points out, the key to Middle East peace is not the so-called settlements, Jerusalem or 'refugees' - it's the Arab's inability to allow Israel's right to exist in peace.

It's not where th eborders are..it's simply because it's there and exists.


amerisrael said...

Does someone already have a copyright for a bumper-sticker that reads:

"It's Islam Stupid"-?

B.Poster said...

The anti-Israel and anti-American left are actually quite open about the fact that the problem is Israel's existence and it has nothing to do with borders per say. While the main stream news media does not actively support these people, they do nothing to actively oppose the slime that these people spread. As such, I can only conclude that the main stream news media actually supports and is in league with these far leftists.

If Israel has to give land to the Arabs, the Americans will have to give land to the American Indian, as will the Canadians. Also, the Australians will have to give land to the Aborignes. The nations of earth should be very careful about the precedent they are setting here.