Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones

As I wrote earlier ( and I was one of the very first to have it, even before Drudge or the AP) Obama 'green jobs' Czar Van Jones resigned from his post at about 12:15Am or so EST.

There have been plenty of others doing a fine job shining the light on this racist, self confessed communist cockroach. So I haven't bothered much with this particular story except for links in Must Reads simply because there are so many like him in the Obama White House, many of them in similar czar or adviser positions not subject to congressional oversight. And frankly,like that wise old saying goes, a fish rots from the head.

What's the real story about this particular fish? Let's go there, shall we?

Remember back during the campaign, when the dinosaur media was trashing Sarah Palin for her supposed lack of experience? Recall how they excused Barack Obama's paper thin resume and lack of experience by peddling that horse manure about his fine intellect and his wonderful sense of judgment?

Here we have yet another example of how misshapen that intellect is and how flawed that judgment.

How did someone like Van Jones, who probably couldn't even pass a security clearance check to get into the White House in more normal times end up working there in a high profile position?

If the dinosaur media even brings it up, Obama or his spokesmouth Robert Gibbs ( whose days are also probably numbered)will attempt to sluff this off as a minor appointment, someone who was barely part of the Administration rather than someone who was a high level presidential appointee and reported directly to Obama.

In fact, Jones was directly recruited by Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett, someone who has had Obama ear for years. They wanted him because he was down for the Obama Administration's neo-Marxist agenda with a long history of organizing for radical causes, and because Jones was a familiar face from the San Francisco Bay Area who fit in ( most of Obama's closer associates come from either Chicago or the Bay Area).

In other words, he wasn't just an accident who slipped by some kind of screening process. he shares a viewpoint with a lot of Obama's team - he was just a little more blatant and upfront and openly racist about it than others.

Oh, and by the way, while we're at talking about it, let's officially bury that 'post racial president' nonsense we were fed by Obama an dhis supporters once and for all, shall we?

Another example of how well-connected Jones was to Obama is that when FOX news commentator Glenn Beck called Obama a racist on the air, it was Jones who was chosen to lead the attack on Beck from inside the White House by using his organization, Color For Change to attack Beck's sponsors and to drive Beck off the air.

Factually challenged and occasionally overblown as he might appear sometimes, Beck is far from a fool and when Jones came gunning for him at Obama's behest, he researched Jones' background,put it on the air and shot Jones out of the sky in flames.

The thing is, the information on Jones was easily available to anyone who bothered to research it. A simple internet search would have turned up most of it.

So that leaves us with the following conclusion; either Obama knew all about Jones and figured he could hide it from the American people, or he knew about it but figured it didn't matter, or he's a novice with dangerously flawed judgment incapable of finding out some very basic information about a somebody he intended appoint to a high level White House position.

There are no other possibilities, and none of the above is exactly cause for confidence in the current occupant of the White House.

There were those of us who caught the putrid smell of this particular fish well before the recent presidential election. Others are only now beginning to complain about the stench.

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