Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hezbollah Bloc Forces Lebanese PM Hariri To Resign

You'll recall that in a surprise upset back in June,the US backed anti-Syria March 14th movement led by Lebanese billionaire Saad Hariri won 71 seats for a majority in the 128 seat Lebanese parliamentary elections and was attempting to form a government.

Apparently Hezbollah and its Iranian and Syrian bosses aren't going to let a few ballots stop them. They have used various means to stymie Hariri's attempt to form a government, and Hariri has been forced to resign.

What this means is that Lebanese president and Hezbollah tool Michel Suleiman ( pictured above) gets to pick the next Lebanese PM. While he may not be directly from Hezbollah, he will undoubtedly be someone totally acceptable to Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

Lebanon just took another step closer to being an Iranian colony.And keep in mind the millions in US military and economic aid they've received.


B.Poster said...

US military aid probably means very little. The arms they can receive from Iran who receives theirs from Russia are vastly superior to any thing the United States can put on the battle field right now, however, this could be a huge problem for the United States.

A mortal enemy is getting American technology that they can study and reverse engineer. They will be able to determine its vunerabilities. This combined with superior techonology as well as superior training they can receive from Iran who receives much of theirs from Russia will make them unbeatable to any American force should the United States be forced to engage them on the battlefield. It appears the United States government has gone pathological insane to be helping mortal enemies like Hezbollah and Lebanon.

All I can say this is extremely demoralizing to me as an American. I want to see America's enemies defeated or at least neutralized, not strengthened.

At this point, it is unlikely that America could prevail in a war with Iran any way. I suspect that both Iranian and American officals know this. As such, our best bet is a complete withdrawl of all forces and personnel from the Middle East and elsewhere in the world and redeploy them to the United States borders. At least we might have a fighting chance to defend ourselves.

Freedom Fighter said...

Poster, we've had this conversation numerous times.

I have no clue where you get the idea that Iran could defeat America in an open war or that Russian weaponry is superior to ours.

I hate to say it this way, but you're simply wrong. If it were even remotely true, they'd be attacking us right now.