Thursday, September 10, 2009

George Will On California

Columnist George Will likes the idea having entrepreneur Steven Poizner as governor, and goes into some details on how bad things are there, which some of you may find interesting since it's a working model of how Barack Obama is working towards running things nationwide.

Unfortunately,because of the way the state has been set up for permanent Democrat control of the legislature, things are unlikely to change no matter who's governor unless he's accompanied to Sacramento by an angry mob of peasants, some tumbrels and a guillotine or two.

Meanwhile as Will correctly states,most of the productive citizens of the state are leaving, and even more would leave if the real estate market was in better shape and allowed them to sell their houses.


louielouie said...

the bad part about those leaving kahleefornia, is they are taking their kahleefornia ideas and politics to conservative states.
maybe this is hussein's plan.
maybe g.will goes into more detail, but personally, i thought iowahawk's assessment was better.

B.Poster said...

Presumably even Democrats don't like the idea of going bankrupt. Yes the Federal Government can print money to help the State out some, however, even this has limits. For example, as a dollar becomes worth less, the Chinese and others are not going to be as willing to lend to the United States. Ultimately they have to change whether they want to or not. I just hope and pray they change before it is too late.

The angry mob that FF mentions may just come about. This wil especially be the case if the economy fails to improve.