Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Must Reads, 9/10/09

Feel free to send anything you find that you feel is worthy of a look to me at and I'll review it. This includes stuff you write yourself.Or if you prefer, you can send it to Natasha, our must reads Avatar..

  • Sarah Palin/WSJ:Obama and the Bureaucratization of health care more at Don Surber , Sister Toldjah , and Cold Fury

  • Camille Paglia : : Too late for Obama to turn it around?

  • Mere Rhetoric :Video Flashback: Dems Shout And Boo At Bush During 2005 SOTU Also Obama Called Clinton 'A Bald Faced Liar'

  • Doug Ross :Obama's Health Care Speech; A Furious Fusillade of Lies

  • Newsbusters :CNN poll on Obama's Speech skewed By polling 45% Democrats, 18% Republicans!

  • Legal Insurrection The House bill does cover illegals

  • Karl Rove/WSJ : Obama's Risky Political Gamble

  • RedState: Joe Wilson, Great American hero; Bob Bennet, Unrepentant fool

  • FOX: ACORN Officials taped telling 'pimp' and 'prostitue' how to scam the IRS more at The Intolerant Fox and AmSpecBlog

  • Miami Herald: Arrests made in ACORN voter fraud case

  • james O'Keefe Chaos For Glory; My Time With ACORN

  • Ann Coulter :Liberal Lies About health care; Fourth in A Series

  • Weasel Zippers: Obama's New Rules Of Engagement in Afghanistan Prove Deadly for US Troops
  • more at DPUD

  • Andrew McCarthy:
    Would Obama Really Fight the War in Afghanistan ?

  • Christopher Hitchens : The Long War on Islamic Terrorism

  • Diana West : Breaking out of The Afghanistan trap

  • Robert Morgenthau/WSJ:The Axis of Iran and Venezuela

  • Paul Wells/Maclean's : It's getting harder to believe in Afghanistan

  • Michael Freund : Obama's teachable Mideast moment

  • Israel National News : Islamists targeting Germany for next 9/11 "within weeks"

  • Caroline Glick:Video - Caroline Glick on the myth of the two-state solution

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