Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama Votes 'Present' - And Flees To Copenhagen

Your approval ratings are plummeting and it's obvious the honeymoon is over. The nation is in a fiscal crisis, with unemployment and a huge deficit of historic proportions.The dollar's status internationally is threatened.Your administration has been directly linked with some of the most corrupt and radical elements in American political life and you're at the final stages of a battle to control America's healthcare, which doesn't look like it's going your way.

It's time for a major decision on Afghanistan, your vaunted diplomacy is a colossal failure especially in the Middle East, and other world leaders are snickering at you behind their hands. Russia is increasingly aggressive and Iran has responded to that famous unclenched hand you offered by contemptuously testing new missiles as the knowledge of other previously hidden Iranian nuclear sites becomes public.

So whaddya do?

Barack Obama has the answer all right....road trip!

Yes, the president decided to bug out and vote 'present' by fleeing to Copenhagen, Denmark for the essential, urgent task of lobbying the International Olympic Committee to make Chicago the site of the 2016 Olympics.

And he's taking Michelle and Oprah with him.That's not unexpected,given that Obama has spent more time with Oprah than he has with General McChrystal, the commander he appointed to make sense of the mess in Afghanistan. For that matter, forget about Oprah - he's probably spent more one-on-one time with David Letterman then with McChrystal.

This little excursion is a presidential payback to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who expects that he and his cronies can expect to make millions on the deal. It will involve no less than two other luxury 757's including Air Force One - one for backup and communications , and another for Michelle and her multi-million dollar entourage, not to mention Oprah's people.

This doesn't include the cost in man hours for the dozens of staffers employed in taking care of every detail, or the several Air Force cargo planes that precede the president's party and are loaded with security personnel, armored limos, communications gear, and other vital supplies like extra arugula and spare stocks of $100 per pound wagu beef should the president or his guests not find Danish cuisine to their liking, or just want a special little snack to remind them of home.

This particular road trip will cost the American taxpayer at least $10 million dollars and probably more..but who's counting?

This is what happens when you stick someone in the White House who lacks any semblance of understanding about what the job involves and who's only discernible qualifications are a slick image, a signature baritone and the ability to read a teleprompter.

When the going gets tough, people like Obama get going...in the other direction.

We'll undoubtedly see more of this behavior during the rest of Obama's time in office. Although sometimes, it will simply involve avoidance and hiding in the White House rather than actually hitting the road.

Remember, you can't say I didn't give him a chance.

Bill Kristol senses that the natives on both sides of the aisle are not pleased at this behavior and figures Prez Zero will try to generate some nice PR and appear presidential with a surprise trip and photo op in Afghanistan in time to hit the evening news cycle on Friday.

I think it's a pretty good bet.


louielouie said...

....hussein needs to get this out of the way. when they hold the olympics in chicago, hussein will be right in the middle of his re-election campaign, and he doesn't need the distraction of last minute details with those silly olympians getting in his way. chicago, the newly christened nation's capital, will be the perfect site for the 2016 olympics. and hussein's assured third term in office, will no doubt be icing on the cake, that we will all eat.
my prediction:
the US team will suck and hussein will win re-election with 25% of the popular vote and 65 electorial votes, because by then people will care less than they do today, and hussein will say he won and who is going to say any different?

Freedom Fighter said...

C'mon, Louie...tell us how you really feel, don't be coy.

All that said, for Chicago to be the nation's capital would involve major legislation, not to mention elections being decided by 25% of 100% of the vote ( doesn't make sense mathematically)or revamping the Constitution to limit the Electoral college to 65 votes.

Frankly, if things are at that point, elections would be unnecessary.

I would also mention that if things get to that point,( G-d forbid) Barack Obama and those surrounding him are highly unlikely to be calling the shots.

Read your history. When democratic republics get to that point (if someone else hasn't already absorbed them by conquest)they tend to not acquiesce to committing national suicide. They endorse drastic measures.

Obama is not a powerful or dynamic leader...and politics, like nature abhors a vacuum.

B.Poster said...

In the first paragraph you correctly detail the magnitude of the problems America faces. I've said it before but I think it bears repeating. I suspect the Russian, Chinese, and even the Iranian goverment officials wake up each day thankful that the economic and political problems they face are not nearly as dire as what America faces.

Also, given these problems I don't think Chicago has a realistic chance of getting the olympics any way. Of course President Obama and the city of Chicago government offials have an inflated ego. This may lead them to think they have a chance when they really don't. It would be far better for the President and the Chicago city offials to focus on things they can achieve which might actually make a difference. For example, if Mr. Obama MUST do something for his Chicago cronies, how about a tax credit for Chicago businesses? This would result in enormous benefits for Chicago businesses, make his pals richer, and improve the Chicago economy. It would be far more beneficial than the olympics ever could be. On the national level, how about cutting the maximum corporate income tax rate from 35% to 15%? This would have a tremendous benefit to the economy.

Of course these things actually make sense. As such, don't expect this Administration or this government to actually do them.