Sunday, September 06, 2009

Today's Must Reads, 9/06/09

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  • Krauthammer: : How the president lost his magic

  • Rasmussen: Does Obama face a challenge from within his own party?

  • NRO : Imagine a Van Jones in a Republican Administration

  • Ann CoulterLiberal Lies About National Health Care: Third in a Series (Commemorative Plates On Sale Now!)

  • Dr. RICHARD B. RAFALL, WSJ A Doctor's Plan for Legal Industry Reform

  • Daily Mail: Britian's NHS removes man's appendix - twice!

  • CNN: Obama and Olympia Snowe in talks on Obamacare deal
  • more at Paterico

  • Jawa Report Three Ohio Dems walk away, babble incoherently when asked how they're going to pay for government run healthcare

  • Michelle Malkin :The resignation ( and coming Left wing/msm martyrdom) of Van Jones

    More at The Sundries Shack, Riehl World View , Newsbusters..

  • Daily Mail UK PM turns on Clinton, Obama over Lockerbie release

  • Telegraph: Revealed - Libyan Government paid for medical diagnosis that helped Lockerbie Bomber's release

  • Ted Nugent:Keep Gaddafi Out Of NYC

  • Michael Yon : Afghanistan - The fight has morphed

  • Nicholas Kristoff, NYT : The Afghanistan Abyss

  • Tom Friedman, NYT : Karzhai's Not Worth It

  • AIYEEE!! QUAGMIRE!! Two NYT columnists who never saw an Islamist terrorist they couldn't wait to appease want us outta there. Wonder how Barry will deal with fragging coming from his own side?

  • Andrew McCarthy/NRO Policy: Go to War to Defend Interests, Not for 'Democracy'

  • Pam Geller :Rifqa Bary Cannot Be Sent Back to Family

  • Ray Conelly, Sunday Times :Why John Lennon Broke Up The Beatles

  • CNN:'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem


    B.Poster said...

    It's nice to see that at least someone in the US Government is disappointed at the release of Al Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber. As I've stated before, I wish the British leadership would simply admit that the decision had nothing to do with "compassionate grounds." It had every thing to do with securing access to a valuable source of oil for Britian and attempting to build cordial relations with a very powerful country in a very important region.

    The British concluded that Libya could both help them and hurt them more than America could. The British concluded correctly in this regard. As such, it became expedient to throw America and its interests under the bus. Then they have the gall to lie about this and say the Americans were kept informed about this at all stages.

    Yes, I would have to say the "special relation" is damaged. that is assuming there ever really was one. I've heard it said that nations do not have permanent allies. They only have permanent interests. I think this may be correct. I wish the British would simply admit they acted in their economic interests and since America can neither help nor hurt them at this juncture it costs them nothing and may have resulted in a net gain to throw America under the bus at this point. To say this was done under compassionate grounds is simply nauseating!!

    B.Poster said...

    Mr. Yon's take on Afghanistan is especially interesting. There is one part that I respectfully disagree with though. He states that the Taliban cannot defeat America. Yes they can. One should never underestimate a very determined enemy who enjoys wide support in the world. After all, these are forces that defeated the Soviet Union. Soviet forces were much more powerful relative to the Afghan fighters than the current American forces are. Never assume an enemy cannot defeat you. With that said we should do all we can to ensure that we are not defeated.