Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Little Someting On Van Jones I'd LikeThe Left To Comment On

As Michelle Malkin, myself and others predicted, the creation of Van Jones as official martyr by the Left has already begun to occur. Newsweek, Arianna Huffington predictably fired the first shot, with the new Republic's John McWhorter accused the Obama Administration of 'giving in the Republican's tantrums' and stated that Jones was 'wrong, actually, in disavowing his support for 9/11 conspiracy theory.... which can only mean that he supports the idea that 9/11 was planned, or that the Bushies knew something more than they have said, or at least that the charge is plausible enough to require investigation. '

Huffington and the asinine McWhorter are hardly alone, and it's unfortunate that the media has allowed Jones' support for 9/11 conspiracy fantasies or his well publicized scatological remark about Republicans ( imagine if someone in the Reagan of Bush Administration had said that about, say, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid?) to become the leading meme in why he was forced to resign.

But that's not even the half of it.

Jones was a long time friend and activist for convicted cop killer and racist Mumia Abu Jamal.

In case you've forgotten whom Jamal is, he was a member of the Black Panther party unanimously convicted by a multi-racial jury of the first degree murder of Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner back in 1981, who left a widow and three kids.He was sentenced to the death penalty, but he's been gaming the system ever since, with the aid of cop haters like Jones and a bunch of seriously twisted Hollywood celebrities like Ed Asner and Danny Glover.

Aside from agitating for this cockroach's release,Jones produced a CD with Mumia around 2002 or so paid for by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, of which Jones was the Executive Director. It's rife with little gems like these:

"The American way manufactured by white folk in office, by these rich men here to mock us. The United States; a piece of stolen land led by right-wing, war-hungry, oil thirsty... And when it's all said and done still can't [garbled] the wrong place cause they got people of color playing servant to do that shit for them; mother f**kers ready to wipe out soft targets on territories harboring terrorists?


The true terrorists are made in the U.S."

Not only did he produce it by Jones had a starring role. An dhis particular contribution dealt with The Joooos:

What we want to see at this point is the rights of the Palestinian people being respected. And at this point, the end of the occupation, the right of return of the Palestinian people. These are the critical dividing lines, global dividing lines, questions of human rights. We have to be here. No American would put up with an Israeli-style occupation of their hometown for 53 days, let alone 54 years.

(FF notes: 54 years dates back to Israel's founding)

We see violence against poor people, and poor people of color, within the US border, at the US border, and beyond the US border. And you see US tax dollars funding all of it. And so we have now a global struggle against the US-led security apparatus and military agenda that impacts people here and impacts people around the world, and I think that we need to see our problems as linked.

And here he is again (h/t, Carl) in a 2002 interview on the subject:

Dennis: now w Van Jones "AUDIO of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in San Francisco..

Van: I came to the holy land to get a view of the human rights situation.. I was totally unprepared.. THE WORST RACIAL PRACTICES OF THE LAST CENTURY ARE PRESENT HERE, IN SHOCKING COMBINATION.. Arab citizens under a pass situation like apartheid.. about the harrassment of an Arab American in our group at the airport.. people in the US don't have a clear view of what is going on.. like 'settlements'.. 30,000 people in massive cities, with Burger Kings and malls, and defended with the whole might of the Israeli army.. wholesale demolition of Palestinian homes.. the US supporting the whole mess.. to see it.. to see what it means for Arab people is really really distressing..

: US media shows Israel backed into a corner..

: I came over here very concerned about Israeli children living in fear.. nobody is winning here.. WHAT I'VE SEEN HERE GOES FAR BEYOND WHAT COULD BE CONSIDERED FOR SAFETY.. ABSOLUTE HOUSE ARREST FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN A CITY.. 24/7 FOR WEEKS AT A TIME.. NONE OF THIS COULD RATIONALLY BE CONCEIVED OF AS DEFENCE.. I HAVE BEEN A LIFELONG OPPONENT OF ANTI-SEMITISM.. NOW NOT TO SPEAK OUT HERE IS ANTI-SEMITIC.. WE OWE IT TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL.. AND PALESTINE.. TO PUT AN END TO THESE KIND OF ABUSES.. THERE IS NO DIVISION BETWEEN US POLICY TOWARD IRAQ AND TOWARD ISRAEL-PALESTINE.. THE US GOVERNMENT ON THE WRONG SIDE OF SANITY.. to push Iraq into a corner and threaten it with massive war.. we need new leadership in Tel Aviv and Washington.. let's link all these situations together.. boldly speaking the truth.. I went to the funeral of a young Palestinian boy shot by Israeli soldier.. I saw his bloody body being placed into the ground.. since I've been here four children killed by soldiers.. not being reported by the media.. but being recorded in the hearts and minds of the mothers and fathers here.

More recently, Jones weighed in with blatantly racist remarks directed against whites regarding the Columbine shootings.

I probably know the answer, but here's what I'd like the Left to answer:Are you fine with making a martyr out of a career truther communist, racist and stark raving mad Jew hater like Van Jones just because he's down for the agenda?

Huffington, McWhorter and others have already given their answers to this question. They're beneath contempt. But what about the rest of you 'progressives'?

Again, I probably know the answer, but what does that say about you? Are you really comfortable wearing that hat?


B.Poster said...

I wonder how much Van Jones got paid for his remarks about Israel. As much as the media hates Israel, they would gladly give us nightly pictures of every thing Israel does that they don't like.

Also, the remark about stolen land is interesting. Pretty much every country on earth exists on land that was once used by some one else. As such, most every country on earth could be said to be living on "stolen land." It makes no sense to single out America here.

Finally, this seems to be the typical anti-American b.s. where the anti-American vastly over states America's influence. This makes it much easier to vilify the country one hates. The same thing happens to Israel and the Jews. There power and influence gets over stated making it easier to vilify them.

B.Poster said...

More on this "stolen land" remark. Might there be a number of key decision mkaers in the US Government who while not actively supportive of Mr. Jones, are sympathetic to him? If so, this might explain why the US Government can't or won't defend its borders.

The massive illegal immigration specifically from south of our border has many of the hallmarks of a classic invasion. Some reports have indicated that those crossing the border have even enjoyed the assistance of the Mexican military. This smells much like an invasion of our country.

Of course if Government officials, even on some small level, buy the "stolen land" argument, they are going to have a difficult time defending it. You see it is very difficult if not to defend something if you don't have you moral confidence to defend it.

Of course if American land is "stolen" pretty much all land is stolen in the sense that someone lived on it before the current inhabitants lived on it. This would apply even to Mexico and Venezuela where American indians once lived. It makes little sense to single out America here.

Someone may get their jollies of seeing America or Israel disemboweled and its lands returned to the original inhabitants or their descendents to the extent that they actually still exixt. That someone may want to think long and hard before they celebrate the demise of America or Israel. After all, their country or their lands could be next on the list for disembowelment. Think long and hard before you set a dangerous prcedent people.

B.Poster said...

Sorry for the multiple posts on this thread. Since pretty much all land that nation/states currently reside on was resided on by someone else at some time in the past, the best way to judge between each group will be based upon who makes the best use of whatever benefits the land has to offer.

To this end, the United States has massive coal, natural gas, and oil reserves that we are unable or unwilling to tap into because of "environomental concerns." By failing to capitalize on these blessings that God has given us the current inhabitants of the land known as the United States of America are not being good stewards of the land that they currently have. As such, it would not surprise me if God gives this land to other people who will make better use of its bounty.