Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Must Reads, 9/01/09

Here are today's must read links. My apologies for the light blogging lately..watching the fire reports and keeping track of things has me a bit distracted. See something interesting out there? Send me anything you want me to review for this section at Rmill2k@msn.com

  • CNN:Major drop in Obama approval among independents

  • Rasmussen :Obama Approval down to 45%...historic slide

  • Zogby..42%!!

  • Jerusalem Post :Only 4% of Israeli Jews view Obama as pro-Israel
  • High pro-Obama numbers shock country (/ sarcasm off)


  • Ralph Peters :Witch Hunt at the CIA Hurts America

  • Washington Times:Ex-Bush Attorney General Gonzalez Backs Holder CIA Prosecution
  • @#!! worm...

  • George Will:Time for the US to get out of Afghanistan

  • More at The Other McCain, Hugh Hewitt, Jules Crittenden..

  • Bill Kristol, WAPO: No Will, No Way..George Will Wrong On Afghanistan

  • Politico: White House fears anti-war pressure from the Left

  • Klaus Wiegrefe, Der Spiegel:Road to WWII: Why Wasn't Hitler Stopped?
  • On the anniversary of WWII's beginning, useful perspective and a lesson for our own times.

  • Jerold Auerbach/WSJ :remembering The Hebron Massacre

  • New York Daily News: Gordon Brown: Craven Hypocrite With a Price Tag

  • weekly Standard: Fair is foul in Scotland

  • Michael Barone :Is the WAPO trying to 'macaca' Bob McDonnell?

  • The Heritage Foundation:Obama’s Team Crosses the Rhetorical Line
  • yes...and official White House website referring to the opposition as 'right-wing domestic terrorists' in a message urging th edrones to call their Congressmen on Obamacare on 9/11.

  • Gateway Pundit:Official Obama operative caught on tape instructing supporters how to shout down opponents & take over meetings

  • Politico:Palin's PAC Doles Out Cash to Conservative Candidates

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