Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another 'Safe' Democrat Seat In Trouble...

First Barney Frank and now Raul Grijalva in Arizona 7!

Grijalva is a particularly odious specimen of the Left who is a major supporter of amnesty and a prominent member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who called for the boycotting of his own state over Arizona's immigration law.

Needless to say, this didn't sit well in economically distressed Arizona....not even in his own district, where a recent Magellan poll showed him in a dead heat with his opponent and only 36 percent said he deserves reelection, while half said it was time to elect someone else.

And that someone else? Ruth McClung, a real-life rocket scientist and physicist and a conservative.

According to the Politico, a Democratic source familiar with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said there are "whispers" about the Grijalva-McClung matchup "being a sleeper race."

The problem is that there area number of well connected CHC Democrats ( no Republican Latinos need apply to the CHC) who are in trouble and vying for funds, and proof of how vulnerable Grijalva is that the source admitted Grijalva actually got $5,000 from CHC's Building Our Leadership's Diversity PAC which "doesn't normally give unless a candidate really needs it."

"[Grijalva] made a major misstep in calling for a boycott of his own state. He should win, though. But anything is possible this year, especially in Arizona where the Republicans and anti-incumbents are apparently very fired up."

Indeed they are. Grijalva's district has nearly twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans and is half Hispanic, but nearly three in 10 Yuma County residents is out of work — about triple the national unemployment rate.

This is an incumbent in serious trouble, and if the voters of Arizona 7 excrete this particularly odious waste material out of the body politic, we're looking at unprecedented carnage for Obama's foot soldiers on November 2nd.

The fact that Ruth McClung, a political neophyte has managed to produce these results with a lousy $16,000 in her war chest is simply astounding.

Send this scrappy underdog some love and some shekels.We can make it happen.

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John Carey said...

I really don't think any seat is safe for the Democrats this election cycle. I'll take it a step further and say I don't believe there is a safe for Democrats for the 2012 election cycle.

louielouie said...

while ms. mcclung's greeting statement at her website opens well enough. i came away with the feeling is after all a rino.
she said all the right things at the outset, but drifts away at the end, attempting to say all things good.
i disagree with her.
it does not take a rocket scientist.
it takes someone in jacksonian tradition, the belief that while problems are complicated, solutions are simple. all that is necessary is the will to carry out the solution.
physics is not the answer.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi John,
Welcome to JoshuaPundit!

Hi Louie,
Remember, as Weekend Monkey would say: 'Politics is what you can get away with.'

She is running in a largely Blue district and is making a number of generic statements that are designed to contrast her with Grijalva.

I assure you, she's no RINO and will be infinitely better than the incumbent by a large degree.

Let's not exclusivize ourselves out of existence!


louielouie said...

be infinitely better than the incumbent by a large degree.


as Weekend Monkey would say

do you not pay attention?