Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Jersey Judge Rules Muslim Man's Right to Rape is Religious Freedom

Think sharia law isn't making inroads here in America? Think it's no big deal? Guess again.

In a recent New Jersey case, a judge denied a Muslim woman an Order of Protection from her abusive husband not because the rapes and domestic violence she detailed were not committed, but because the judge accepted a defense from the man that he was acting on his Islamic beliefs! In denying the woman's request, the judge stated:

“This court does not feel that, under the circumstances, that this defendant had a criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault or to sexually contact the plaintiff when he did. The court believes that he was operating under his belief that it is, as the husband, his desire to have sex when and whether he wanted to, was something that was consistent with his practices and it was something that was not prohibited.”

The judge then vacated the temporary restraints previously entered in the matter and dismissed the plaintiff’s domestic violence action.

The rapes and domestic violence took place in 2008 and on the night of January 15 to 16, 2009. While raping the woman, the Muslim man said “You are my wife, I can do anything to you. The woman, she should submit and do anything I ask her to do.”

Here are the actual facts of what occurred, as per the court records and transcript from the appellate court of New Jersey where the abused victim successfully appealed the lower court decision. As you'll see, rape was only part of the brutal abuse this woman suffered.

Note that the woman was only 17, she was imported from Morocco as a teenage bride in an arranged marriage having never seen her husband prior to the wedding and that the husband was not some immigrant day laborer but an accountant fully familiar with American customs.

As far as Islamic law goes, the original justice was totally correct. Rape is essentially a non-crime in Islamic law , since it takes four male witnesses to prove it ( Sura 24:4 and 24:13). A raped woman is unable to get justice anywhere sharia prevails, and her testimony is basically considered worthless.

The Quran gives a husband supreme authority over a woman and makes her his property, to do with as he will.

Muhammad is quoted as saying: "If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning" (Bukhari 4.54.460). He also said: "By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself [to him for sexual intercourse] she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel's saddle" (Ibn Majah 1854).

As a matter of fact, in response to the appellate judge's questions, an imam called as a witness who was involved in the case would not definitively answer whether, under Islamic law, a husband must stop his advances if his wife said "no." However, the imam did acknowledge that New Jersey law considered coerced sex between married people to be rape, something he was apparently unable to concede in the original trial.

Fortunately the appellate court reversed this decision, and the sharia-friendly ruling was not allowed to stand - for now.

Rest assured, there will be more of these.

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Anonymous said...

No way in hell should the disgusting law of Islam be allowed in any free nation - actually any nation period. It is just plain revolting - Islam is simply a cult of egomaniac male dominance. For a US judge to even dare consider for a moment, a second, that Sharia law is a fair and just system is ludacris, let alone to think that religion of any kind is an excuse for flagrant emotional and physical abuse. The judge - be that everyone in the US who hasn't yet - needs to study Islam to see the aggressive negative cult it is...and if they don't, they're only denying the truth and giving the Muslims even more space to force their twisted beliefs on our sovereign Christian nation under God (not Allah)!!

Freedom Fighter said...

I have no problem with Muslim countries applying sharia law to their citizens in their own countries if that's how they wish to live. But I would not tolerate it here or in any other free society.

A key to getting Islam to 'play nice with others' if that's possible is freeing the women.

Do that and the rest will follow.


Rosey said...

All 57 US states have laws on the books stating that a women can press charges of rape against their husband if they are forced to have sex against their will. That includes my former state of residence: NJ.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Rosey!

57 states, hmm? For a second, I thought it was Barack Obama spamming the board.

BTW, did you know that there actually ARE 57 states in the Organization of Islamic Conference? I always felt like that remark was a Freudian slip by Zero.

Anonymous said...

I have read up on your forum you posted here to try to understand what I am in for. I have tried to leave my husband many times in the past and he pretending to be a Christian but practicing Muslim rituals and customs has always hurt me and locked us in the bedroom and forced himself on me until I could not longer fight and promised not to leave. Recently though after getting out of the home and into shelter, He threatened to kill me as they do in Pakistan to their women when their done with them. I am an American Christian woman and the laws have allowed him to get away with all he has done to us. I have no hope. no protection. No law to protect me and my children. Please try to make American women understand that they really are being used. My husband also would hurt himself if I didn't agree with his wants. He would even scratch his face and gouge his eyes and beat his head off of things in a mental rage. Do not marry these men, They claim to change, but they don't.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,

You say you are in danger and you're children you state you are a christian in faith. Did you not read up on the laws pertaining to Islam before you married this man? Did you blindly go into marrying someone you did not know? In my expertise abuse can happen in any religion, and from man/woman capable of doing abuse abuse happens in all parts of the world. People love to stereo-type Islam or certain religions, Muslim faith and corrupt it by saying Islam permits this”or don't marry Muslim men”. However speaking as a woman your assumptions and generalizations are not correct they would pertain to all men/woman equal in general not just that of Pakistan and it would pertain to all faiths, all religions. As a Mother I feel for your situation. Have you no one to help you and your children get out of this shelter? Education is the best thing in life continued. I'll pray your situation gets better for you and your children. Speaking from experience there are good men out there, you have to be careful who you lay your heart on.
America was founded by people from other countries immigrants, religious freedom is one of the reason we came here to great America. There are bad and good people in all religions. It's best to separate yourself from people doing bad habits according to your personal belief system.

From: Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some American men DO beat their women HOWEVER, it is NOT biblical as it is in the Qu'ran. It's only Muslim men who think they have the RIGHT to.

Anonymous, I pray you can leave, get yourself to a shelter and see if they can transfer you and your children to another shelter in another state...change your identity etc. Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

OK. Yes dear, u do mean, "50" states right? And excuse me, but he has overstepped his authority too make that ruling he needs too go back to law school, unless of course he went too the same one Obummer got his credentials at:-) God help us all!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are in danger and want help, be very careful to not be found out getting this information, but start here:
www .RefugeFromIslam .com
(take out the spaces before the dots)

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs is the founder and is a longtime fighter for women suffering under the tyranny of sharia. Her blog is at:
http://atlasshrugs2000 .typepad .com/atlas_shrugs/

Anonymous said...

Where stupidy decides.. Common sense of good people over rule.. Time to fix things ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Just curious why the link for the "actual facts of what occurred" doesn't lead to any actual case but rather a law library search page. My searches have produced nothing and this is the only source I can find for this story...

Rob said...

Perhaps you didn't look in the right places. The link in the story is fairly old but I found the facts here veryy easily

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is wrong with this country????? Yes this is the land of the free, but there are laws!! We, as americans cannot go over to Afganistan and break their laws, simply because we are allowed to do it in the US, and get away with it!! Or go to any other country and do anything that is against THEIR laws. SO WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO COME TO THIS COUNTRY AND FEEL THEY CAN DO WHATEVER IS PERMITTED IN THEIR HOME LAND BUT AGAINST THE LAW IN THE US?????? Religion or not, this is pure BS!!

Unknown said...

They are laughing at us. While we weakly protest they are getting busy breeding us out of existence. And when their numbers get to 20% they will win. Their faith is unshakable.

Unknown said...

Where in the Bible does it say that a Child can be Abused and Raped in the name of any God or Religion. .
Children, ALL Children were protected in America no matter where they came from, no matter who their Parents were or who they Pray to.
Innocent little Girls who were sexually abused by a Relative, A Father, are given right back to that man because he has Rights...the only Right they have is a Jail Cell and never to have the chance to Molest a Child again.
America, you were once the mightiest, the fairest Nation, the example to the rest of the World BUT you have slid backwards with your outdated Laws, your Court Systems that lack integrity and ethics, your double standards and you are run by Leaders who let innocent Girls be Raped and Brutalized by a lot of Men who use Sex as a weapon. If the President's Daughter was Raped and Abused, would he just shake it off as their Religious Rights...I doubt it!!! Any Male who Rapes a Female of any age should get the Death Penalty...he has indeed Murdered that Female's Soul and Body if she survives the attack. What a disgrace!!!


Unknown said...

It is so obvious that Girls of all ages are not Free and this is a disgrace. I think that Donald Trump may be correct!!!

Unknown said...

A "cult of egomaniac male dominance" is a category the most common religions in the United States fit into. Have you forgotten that Abraham committed infidelity by raping his slave (Genesis 16). Also, "sovereign Christian nation" is not accurate since the U.S. is diverse in religion and does not have an official religion. And lets not forget where more common religions in the United States, including Christianity, has stood on the issue of divorce, even when a husband would beat and rape his wife. Jesus ate with his fellow Jews and the Gentiles, which was not done back then. Take a moment to consider the actual facts of an religion and your own country.

And you have to read their religious texts and learn their history before you can say that Islam is an "aggressive negative cult." Islam is not an inherently horrible thing, it just has some horrible individuals. Like any religion.

Rob said...

Kathleen, I'm afraid you haven't read either the Torah or the Qu'ran with proper attention. I have.

Hagar was Abraham's maid servant, not his slave and an Egyptian whom dwelt with him and his wife Sarah willingly. There's not even a remote indication that Hagar and Abraham had any prior sexual relations, which they would have if she was a slave ala' Mohammed's sex slave captives whom his 'right hand possessed' to quote the Qu'ran on such matters.

It was Sarah, barren at the time, who asked Hagar to go unto Abraham and have relations with him so that a child would be born, and again,there's no inference at all of force or violence in the matter.

Moreover, you ignore the Torah's strict rules on how its warriors were to treat captive women, which involved no sexual relations at all for a month's time after which they could either be married or the woman was allowed to leave of her own free will.

That's a huge contrast to Mohammed's diktat and his own behavior towards captive women and even young female children like 9-year-old Aisha, as recounted in the Qu'ran and Hadiths.

No not all Muslims are horrible. Many are, in fact, fine and decent people as I have experienced myself. There are even whole groups of Muslims like the Ismailis who have never been involved in violence or terrorism at all. It's very revealing that many Sunni and Shiah Muslims regard them as heretics.

But there is a rotten core to a significant part of the religion, and because of western politician's indulgence of Saudi and Emirate influence it is the violent, more traditional and Islamist reading of the faith that has become dominant.

That influence needs to be curbed and eradicated, especially sharia, which has no place in any free country.

The Nasty Truth said...

Anonymous, you obviously have not read the Quran. There is nothing remotely good about Islam. It is barbaric & diametrically opposed to the values of freedom that this country was founded on. They are here to take our freedoms away. You are right in that non-Muslim men can be abusive. However, that is off-topic in this forum.

The Nasty Truth said...

Trump is correct, at least on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh my you are incredibly ignorant. How long ago did Abraham walk this earth?
Non-mooselem men do not behave in this way, and if they do, they are punished.
This man raped and ravaged this young girl in our modern era and you think it it just fine, because, oh, Abraham.