Friday, October 15, 2010

Watcher's Council Results, 10/15/10

The Council has spoken! Here are the results of our weekly Watcher's Council contest.

I lucked out again over a great field of contestants...this week's Council winner was Joshuapundit for US DOJ Inserts Itself Into Tennessee Mosque Controversy , an in-depth look at the controversy surrounding a group of mega Mosques being built in central Tennessee with a capacity far exceeedingthe Muslim population in the area, the questionable people behind it and the Obama Justice Department's attempt to intimidate what more and more looks like prudent opposition to it.

Our non-council winning post was North Carolina Muslim Admits To Working With Al Qaeda by The Jawa Report, an excellent portrait of exactly what kind of home-grown jihadis a number of these Saudi funded Muslim Brotherhood oriented mosques and madrassahs are turning out.

Here are the full results:

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

As always, congratulations not only to the winners but to the participants.

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