Monday, October 11, 2010

Democrat Desperately Tries To Portray Himself As An Anti-Obama Conservative!

Imagine that..some Right Wing wacko Tea Party nut shooting at a piece of Obama legislation with a rifle!

Oh, wait a minute...that would be West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, who's trying desperately to catch up with Republican Conservative John Raese in a West Virginia Senate race that was supposed to be a lock for the Democrats.

Raese is up by around 5 points with only three weeks to go, and this kind of desperation is being shown by a lot of Democrats who are now doing their best to distance themselves from Obama.

In Manchin's case, he made the mistake of endorsing ObamaCare before he realized how unpopular it now he's talking about 'fixing it.' Ri-ight.

There's also the little matter of a Federal investigation Manchin is the subject of involving contracts awarded in the state for a highway project that runs through Fairmont, where Manchin is from. That didn't help him either.

Manchin is so desperate that he's even showing reporters from Pravda-on-the-Hudson pictures of himself with George W. Bush and complaining about how Raese is painting him as a loyal soldier for Obama.

Now that's desperation.

I'm sure the people of West Virginia are aware by now that Manchin is willing to say anything to get votes..and that he'll forget all about it and that things will change once he's safely in DC.

BTW, Raese's site is here, if you want to help a good man get elected and participate in Get Out The Vote opportunities.

Make it happen.

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Lucas said...

Well well well. Seems like the "Tea-bagger" spirit has possessed a lot of democrats.

louielouie said...

this must be a re-occuring theme with some dims.
in oklahoma district 2, dan boren has signs up all over mcalester saying he has been endorsed by sportsmen.
he doesn't say which sportsman.
but the attempt has been made at conservative tie-in.