Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yglesias: "Hey I Know How To Fix Health Care! We'll Just Be Like Finland!"

'Progressive Journolista Matt Yglesias at Think Progress has a more than usually insipid post up today.

To wit, the main problem with our health care? It's those greedy, overpaid doctors, as compared with Finland:

One huge factor is that their doctors make way less money $3,177 per month to $8,189 per month in the United States. They have pharmaceutical price controls. And according to a Harvard Business School analysis, “Within the municipal health care system, patients have had very limited freedom to choose their health care providers or physicians.”

Spoken like a true 'progressive'.

Here's why Finland's health care costs are lower and why comparing their situation and ours is RIDICULOUS.

1) Look at the ratio of trial lawyers and the amount of litigation per person in Finland as opposed to the US, This favored group of the Democrat party trolling for biz is a key reason why health care costs keep going up.

2) The Finns can have price controls on drugs because their pharmaceutical industry is minuscule compared to ours, so they can rely on foreign companies like ours to assume the huge cost of R&D, and control prices on what is essentially just licensing and importation.

3) They can pay doctors less because very few people go to university (only 25%) and even fewer go to med school, which is why Finland can largely subsidize university educations. So Finnish doctors don't graduate with six figure student loans to pay off.

They also need far less doctors because their population is not only much smaller but more more concentrated in the southern part of the country.

Let's apply Finland's system here and simply get rid of about 80% of the lawyers, change our laws to limit predatory lawsuits, kick out about 75% of the people currently attending university, have a massive layoff of professors, and shut down our pharmaceutical industry, shall we? Brilliant idea.

One of the consequences of ObamaCare is going to be that a lot of doctors simply go galt and do something else and others will never enter the profession in the first place. So it will get to the point where we're going to have to be importing doctors who haven't even had a domestic residency or qualified under US standards as they already are now in the UK.

Then, individual choice - which all true 'progressives hate like poison - won't be an issue. Unless ObamaCare is repealed, we will all enjoy the socialist realism of massive new taxes combined with a months long wait to see a doctor...who might not even be qualified by US standards.

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