Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama - "There's No Such Thing As Shovel - Ready Projects"

"The problem is...there's really nothing--there's no such thing as shovel-ready projects."

This was President Barack Hussein Obama in an interview with the New York Times.

It was a devastating admission on his part that he was either incompetent, lying, or both.Not only that,but it was an admission about every member of his cabinet and the Democrats in Congress who shilled for this and voted for it.

Back in 2009 when he was shoving the so-called stimulus through, it was Barack Obama who first made “shovel-ready” a talking point in an interview with Tom Brokaw on “Meet the Press” in December 2008. “When I met with the governors, all of them have projects that are shovel-ready,” he said.

That was the main catchphrase and selling point for Obama and his team as they appropriated almost a trillion dollars of our money.They all used it repeatedly talking about “shovel-ready” roads, bridges and airport runways that were supposed to immediately produce thousands of jobs.

When Obama was announcing his energy and environment teams, he said, “We've got shovel-ready projects all across the country that governors and mayors are pleading to fund. And the minute we can get those investments to the state level, jobs are going to be created.”

In June 2009, Vice President Joe Biden told Californians that the administration wants “to get shovel-ready projects out the door as quickly as we can.”

And in February of 2009, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said, “With wise investments in shovel-ready conservation projects across the country, we can immediately put people back to work.”

So now, President Obama is essentially throwing up his hands and admitting what the rest of us knew all along - that the 'stimulus' was just a looting of the federal treasury for the benefit of Obama's political allies,few if any jobs were 'created' and that almost a trillion dollars of our money was wasted...Chicago-style.

Basically, what Obama is telling the American people is 'Hey I screwed up.Whaddya know about that? Stuff happens.Oh well.'

The president's dishonesty and attempt to shirk responsibility is absolutely astounding. Either he knew that the 'stimulus' was bogus, was not going to create any jobs and deliberately lied to the American people, or he was too stupid and inexperienced to realize it. There's no third possibility.

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Anonymous said...

While your analysis is correct as far as it goes, this may be Obama's way of laying a foundation so that he can move to the center after the election. He'll admit mistakes, say that he's matured in office, and heard the message of the people. He might even try some tax cuts. Whatever he does, I don't think it would be genuine or even last very long. But it might give him some cover with independents for a while, and then he'd go back to demonizing the Republicans for the 2012 election.

Freedom Fighter said...

I dunno...I've heard other people postulate a similar scenario.

But I don't see the economy turning around next year. Nor do I think Zero has the humility to admit mistakes or to work with the sort of Conservative Republicans now coming into office.Too much of a disconnect.

Even the best case doesn't have the GOP having a veto-proof majority. Expect a lot of posturing, foot stamping by Obama and gridlock.

Also, I don't feel most of the electorate going to buy Zero's crap in 2012.I think it's only fifty-fifty that he even runs.

And remember, the GOP is going to have subpoena power if they take the House and investigate a number of very questionable occurrences, include a few felonies that the Obama Administration was heavily involved in.

I think the Republicans are going to provide Obama with exactly the same spirit of bi-partisanship, respect and co-operation he provided them with during the last two years.


Rosey said...

I followed the link to the NYT article, where, couched in their soft language, they actually throw a fair amount of criticism at Obama. I could only stomach about 1/4 of the article. The comments from his staff and supporters are stunning in their blind, stupid belief. What was that about being too big to be an insane asylum???

While we are making 2012 predictions, there is no way he is not running. It will be Jimmy Carter 2.0. He runs, he loses, he blames everybody and everything for his loss...except for his Marxist policies and arrogant disregard for the American people.