Monday, October 11, 2010

Jews Attacked In Jerusalem Again

A second ambush was set in the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem targeting a Jewish woman and her daughter.Here's a news report from Israel's Channel 2.(hat tip Carl via the Elder of Ziyon:

Anyone who thinks these are just a few kids throwing rocks out to look at the damage that was done and the sheer size of some of the missiles and reflect what might have happened if they had connected with a human skull.

It's time this stopped, and Israel has only to look to its past to figure out how to do it. In Mandatory Palestine, the Arabs had a cute habit of shooting at Jews on trains and the British refused to do anything about it. The Irgun finally shot up one Arab train in retaliation and the attacks ended.

The Israelis need to investigate these attacks, find the perpetrators and deport them and their families to the 'Palestinian' occupied areas of Judea and Samaria forthwith. The chances are that most of them are not Israeli citizens but Arabs living in Jerusalem with residence permits granted by Israeli sufferance anyway.

Whatever property they might ought to be subjected to a court order of sale, lien or judgment to pay for damages to the vehicles or their occupants, and any members of the foreign working press who participated in filming these attacks ought to lose their press cards and have their visas revoked.

That would send a message that perpetrating such attacks or aiding and abetting them do not come without a price.

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louielouie said...

i think the joos should go riding around in a dozen of these.
nobody likes my idea.

Freedom Fighter said...

Not bad, but I personally prefer something with a bit more firepower.

Not the greatest gas mileage, but easy to find a parking space.