Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Palestinians' Unveil New Olympic Sport!!

Live from Jerusalem, we have coverage of the latest 'Palestinian' sport - the rock toss and car hurdle!

Contestant number 1 got a mixed score of fours and fives from the judges,("junior martyr") failing to even get over the front bumper, although he was able to get off a decent rock throw.

Contestant number 2 received an eight aggregate score ("martyr third class")...successfully hitting the car with his rocks and going completely over the front fender, although he probably lost points for flaws in his landing and a 513 penalty ( "overacting") for his poor performance when being shoved into the van supposedly taking him to the emergency room.

If the 'Palestinians' ever field an Olympic team, they should definitely lobby the IOC to include this exciting spectacle as an official Olympic event.


Okay...the real story. As you can tell by the number of ready and waiting cameramen, this is the latest in a long line of Pallywood Productions.

The driver of the Israeli vehicle, (easily noticed by the 'Palestinians' because of its yellow Israeli plates) was David Be'eri, the director of a group called Elad, which advocates for Jewish families living in Jerusalem.He lives in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem where this video was shot and it's a pretty certain bet that his car was deliberately targeted, and the ambush was planned.

Be'eri had his 12-year-old son in the car at the time of the assault, which you can see from the video was energetic enough to smash his rear these weren't just some 'kids' playing around. If you watch carefully, you can also see that Be'eri was trapped with no place to go. He couldn't reverse because of the car behind him and when he tried to go on the sidewalk, the stone throwers closed in around him.

The Israeli police are apparently investigating this, but I doubt anyone is going to charge Be'eri for his actions in what was obviously a deliberate assault.

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Anonymous said...

I'd have put the car in reverse all right.To back over that little maggot.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the race riots in California in 1992.

Freedom Fighter said...

Interesting you should say that, Anonymous 1:32.

I was faced with a similar situation to Mr. Be'eri during the Riots you mention when I had to drive east via Sunset Blvd.( the freeways were impassable) to get to my wife, who had taken the bus to work and was holed up with some co-workers in a residential neighborhood near downtown.

At one point, a mob in the area got distracted from looting and closed in on my car, probably with the idea of smashing my windshield, dragging me out of the car and beating the crap out of me.

I stepped on the gas, hit the horn, drove right through them and didn't even look back once.

I'd do exactly the same thing today in a similar situation.

Jack said...

You should be ashamed making a joke out of this.

Those kids could have been seriously injured.

Freedom Fighter said...

Sorry Jack,
I'm not ashamed at all. I think an obvious kabuki set up like this needs ridicule.

If these 'Palestinian' kids parents, the surrounding camera men and the other 'martyrs' don't care whether they get injured doing stunts like this, why should I?

If they want to avoid injury, here's an obvious lesson...don't throw rocks at cars.

Not only that,but keep in mind that these supposed 'kids' smashed in someone's windshield when he had a kid in the car and thought nothing about the possibility of injuring two Jews who had done absolutely nothing to them.

It seems your compassion only flows one way, doesn't it?

Think about it.


Anonymous said...


I would have killed them both without any remorse...
They are not kids,they are terrorists.

Anonymous said...

One good hit in the face with rocks that size would change your outlook on this crime (not to mention your face) forever. This is not some kids pranks. I can guarantee that if that kid had been killed he would have been honored by his parents as a martyr and a hero. This is planned terrorism and they want to kill Jews.

Rosey said...

Thank you for pointing out that this was a Pallywood production. I'd like to think that I'm on top of things, but I completely missed that aspect and wouldn't have known had you not mentioned it.

So where's Fatima, wailing & mourning the poor injured children?

Harry Abrams said...

Even though they're just "kids," they were assaulting passersby with potentially deadly force as well as intent.

By both biblical and civil law, the occupants of the vehicles so attacked were entitled to respond or preemptively respond with deadly force of their own.

Anyone who needs to drive in East Jerusalem may as well travel armed and ready to "do business" should any more of these Arab "peace activists" make another similar move.

I would have no compunction shooting rock throwing children in this kind of situation.

I'd prefer it be the cowardly, murderous parents or grown-ups who sent them.