Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ft. Hood Jihadi's Attorney Asks For Closed Trial, Delay


Major Nidal Malik Hasan started trial proceedings today at a section 32 hearing at Fort Hood, where he's been charged with 13 counts of murder. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

Hasan, who was shot and paralyzed in the attacked came into court in a wheel chair and wearing fatigues.

The first thing this jihadi's Attorney John Galligan said was that he wants a closed trial. According to Galligan, opening the hearing to the public and the media would jeopardize Hasan's right to a fair trial.

"I already believe he will never get a fair trial at Fort Hood, but this will be one other measure to minimize any prejudice that would ensue if any trial would be conducted at Fort Hood," he said.

Galligan also is pushing for a month-long delay in the trial's opening.

An Article 32 is a preliminary hearing to examine the evidence in a case, and it is normally open to the public...which is how the Army prosecutors want it.

After all the PC shuffling around both before and after the murders, it would be nice to finally have some openness.

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